Innovative Vintage Fashion Accessories by Rouch Collections

Innovative Vintage Fashion Accessories by Rouch Collections

Recently I was invited on a vintage themed party. I have some vintage looking jewelry but I wanted to wear something out of box that will bring a different and unique look. As usual gone to the google for search something vintage and out of box and by luck came across a site named rouchcollections. By the first look I was amazed by their collection. They are a fashion brand of wooden accessories such as bow-tie, sunglasses, clutches , cuff links , corsages and many more items.

rouch-collection-logoGot more than what I was expecting, so I ordered Polarized sun-glasses and a vintage clutch purse from them. I wasn’t sure about the quality of the products but purchased as they look amazing and different. But once I received the parcel and checked the products I was impressed by the quality as well. Sunglasses were very neatly made and the quality of the lense used was good as well. The purse was a quality creative work and vintage clutch was giving a classic look to it. Surely they were bringing vintage as well as an artistic look. On the party nite I wore the glasses and took the purse in my hand and I can’t express the look on my colleagues faces. Literally I could see their mouth open. They were all impressed as well. Thanks to my luck that I came across the rouch collections 🙂

As I don’t recommend any product to my readers until I feel satisfied myself with the quality, style and durability of the product. And Rouch Collections were more than just satisfying. They are one of the  most amazing and impressive fashion accessories I recently came across. And I will recommend them to my readers based on the following

  • They are fashion brand that creates vintage wooden accessories
  • Their products are durable, made from finest raw material
  • You can clearly see creativity and innovation in their product designs
  • Designs are well crafted, it seems the designers have travelled around the world and designed them after proper surveys and sampling process
  • They are good quality ‘handcrafted’ wooden products means each item is created with full attentions
  • The designs are suitable for people all around the world, no matter to what region or culture they belong to
  • There are a large variety of items for both men and women
  • Prices are very reasonable and competitive
  • They are suitable for people of all ages.

So if you want to bring a different and unique change into your style try the rouch fashion accessories here are images of some of their products for you. Even the first look will impress you.

For further products and to order online you can visit their site or visit their Facebook Page


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