How To Use Fish To Become Skinny

How To Use Fish To Become Skinny

OK, here’s the secret fish diet. All you are allowed to eat is fish. Since most people don’t like fish, they won’t eat much. See how that works? OK, just kidding. But there is a secret ingredient in fish that makes it much easier to lose weight.

How does it work? Well, before we explain that, let’s talk about how our body regulates itself. Our instincts were evolved to help us survive in a hunter / gatherer society. W e haven’t had much evolutionary time to adapt to the agricultural revolution just yet.

So that means, we were designed to live in environment where food was always scarce. There wasn’t really much of it around. So whenever we saw some, we ate as much of it as we could. Did we do this consciously? Of course not! We were cave people. It was our instinct. But we only ate so much up to a point. When we stored enough body fat, we lost the urge to eat until we couldn’t move. Our bodies figured we had enough stored up to last a while.

So why do we keep eating, even when we’re fat? Well, there’s been some kind of a disconnect. Back in the old days, we had over a certain amount of body fat, our fat produced something called leptin. This let our brains know that we had enough reserves to last a while. So we didn’t get hungry so much. We could do other things like escape from dinosaurs.

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But today, even though we are producing plenty of leptin, our brains can’t recognize it. Kind of like having the fuel gauge in our cars broken. We think we’re on empty, but we’re really full. Why does this happen? Because we eat too many carbohydrates. This messes up our brains ability to recognize the leptin in our blood. It thinks we’re totally skinny, which is why we’re always so hungry.

How do we fix this? Scientists have recently discovered that eating a certain kind of fat, specifically Omega-3 fats, can help our brains recognize the leptin in our blood. As soon as our brains recognize the leptin in our blood, we won’t be so hungry. In fact, we won’t be hungry at all. You can go all day on only about a thousand calories and not really get hungry.

Where do we get Omege-3 from? Fish! Ah, but fish is gross, right? Right! So we don’t need to eat fish, just take some fish oil pills. You can buy them anywhere, and they’re pretty cheap. Once your brain starts to recognize the leptin in your blood, you won’t be so hungry, and the weight will fall off like a ton of bricks. See how easy that is?

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