How to use Contract Furniture for restyling your establishment

How to use Contract Furniture for restyling your establishment

A renovation project is always an extremely demanding undertaking, but when it comes to your business, the worries and doubts are even greater than those for your home.

This is because the place you are renovating is the one that will give you an income and allow you to have a home.

To relieve stress, in most cases it’s advisable to take advantage of the benefits of contract furniture.

Let’s examine in more detail what this service includes and why it so often proves to be the winning solution.


What is contract furniture and which sectors is it most relevant to?

With “contract” we mean a service which gives us a turnkey project from a company. In the specific case of contract furniture for a restaurant, bar, pub, or club, support from experts is obtained, which covers everything from the design concept for the rooms, right through to the completion of the work itself.

Now you understand why this type of collaboration can save you time and reduce your stress.

The company that takes charge of every aspect of the work is called General Contractor, and they divide up the tasks according to skills, and selects the most suitable contractors in order ensure customer expectations are met.

So, not only do they deal with the furniture and finishing, but also with the systems, the lighting, right through to the painting of the walls. Of course, all these services must be agreed and included in the contract.

As you will have understood, it is the Ho.Re.Ca. sector that relies on contract furniture, those responsible for creating the interiors of offices and shops, but, at times, also those who need support in furnishing apartments within a housing project.


Customer comfort: contract chairs and tables.

I’m sure you don’t want the patrons of your restaurant or bar to eat standing up, with full plates and glasses in hand. But the desire to create a comfortable environment doesn’t necessarily mean you end up buying perfect furniture. For such a simple action, there are a surprising number of pitfalls and often we notice problems only when it’s too late, meaning after customers notice that chairs, stools and tables are uncomfortable.

Also in this case the advice is the same as in the previous scenario: use contract chairs and tables.

You don’t always have the expertise to determine the ideal sizes and heights of tables and seats or the perfect number to make the most of available spaces without making them difficult to actually live in. That’s why the support of an expert company in this sector is essential.

Even the choice of the character you want to give a venue is not a decision to be taken lightly and, even in this case, relying on hospitality design experts is a major advantage.

Defining colours and the shapes of furniture, in particular chairs and tables, can positively or negatively influence the customer experience. In this case, furniture has to be both attractive and comfortable.

In this phase, the General Contractor entrusts the work to the Interior Contractor, which is a company that will specifically deal with the furniture, the colours of the walls and furnishings, the decorative and functional finishes of the interiors.


Italian furniture: your guarantee of quality.

“Made in Italy” is synonymous with prestige and quality throughout the world, even more so when it refers to sectors such as design, fashion, cars, and food.

Selecting an Italian company to supply your contract furniture is an excellent way to give yourself a head start when opening a successful establishment. The important thing is that the company you select has extensive experience and a significant portfolio.

The attention to detail and high-quality materials that are the hallmarks of Italian furniture manufacturers, such as Albaplus, even for contract projects, are what really makes the difference.

Having a close personal relationship with a business partner enables you to create your venue just as you’ve always imagined it.

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