Egyptian Social Media Influencer and Entrepreneur, Pharaoic

Egyptian Social Media Influencer and Entrepreneur, Pharaoic



Marko Danial, aka Pharaoic, is a popular and emerging social media star and entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Spzrts. As a freshman in High School, Pharaoic decided that he wanted to learn more about sports, that is when he created a sports account on Instagram. Without knowing, the account went viral after a shared video of Kobe Bryant. His account gained tons of followers after this, and that is when Pharaoic knew that he wanted to continue doing social media and being an influencer. From there, Pharaoic continues to grow a variety of different social media accounts, he was able to learn some of the best growth and marketing tactics. Given his young age, Pharaoic’s goals are to continuously inspire and motivate others to do anything that they believe in.

Within a span of a few years, Pharaoic gathered millions of followers across many different social media platforms––mainly consisting of Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube. Later on, he founded Spzrts, a sports media company that is committed to making the best athletic gear for athletes. It is also dedicated to inspiring others by sharing the different success stories of many athletes. Being able to talk to many athletes throughout his social media, he has learned a lot about hard work and dedication, that is why he wants to push it forward and motivate others to do the same. He wants to show that anyone can accomplish anything, as long as they work hard for it.

Marko Danial was born on February 19, 2001, in Egypt and later on moved with his family to the United States in 2007. Wanting to be his own persona online, he decided to create the name “Pharaoic,” something that his fans can call him by since he is Egyptian. He wanted to share his culture and background through this, since, Egypt is known for its pyramids, pharaohs, and camels. Pharaoic has now moved to California where he’s focused on completing his higher education. He is currently studying engineering, which his future goal is to be able to expand Spzrts into a bigger well-known company. Pharaoic believes that if you really want something, you have to set a goal, stick to that goal, and work towards accomplishing that goal.

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