How To Market Your Fashion Jewelry?

How To Market Your Fashion Jewelry?

Fashion jewelry ranges from small silver items too large cocktail prices. Starting a wholesale fashion jewelry business can be profitable because the barrier to entry is very low. Fashion jewelry is bought by both females and males. Fashion jewelry is very flexible, as there are many ways in which you can start and grow your business.

1. Target a Niche for Branding

Get a specialization for your jewelry business. Doing this will, enable you to know the jewelry option to focus on and the type of costume jewelry that will distinguish you from your competitors. For instance, you decide to focus on selling vintage replicas, fashionable jewelry for young women or teens, handmade artisan costume jewelry or designer costume jewelry brands.


2. Work With A Sale Event Website To Sell Your Fashion Jewelry

If you need to reach more than a thousand potential customers who are willing and able to buy your products, you can link up with a wholesale website which will sale you design. Online wholesale marketplaces help you reach a bigger market that you may have not reached. For instance, selling your products through NIhaojewlry has lower sales cost and offer generous discounts. The online marketplaces are always approval only so make sure you market yourself well.


3. Wear Your Jewelry

Everyone you meet is a potential customer. This way potential customers get to experience your work in person, and how it is meant to be worn. I’ve found that women seem more likely to approach someone who is wearing something that they like, and ask that individual where they purchased it. When people compliment you on your jewellery, say thank you, hand them your business card


4. Promote Your Business

You should consider promoting your fashion jewelry business in ways that suit your chosen retail venues. You can do this by creating promotional blog posts and sending press to media outlets around you. You can also lend or donate to fashion shows which tend to shade light to your work. You can also place fliers, brochures or coupons in complimentary businesses as show, beauty, hair store and boutiques. Do not underestimate the power of social media and make sure the content posted are accurate to reflect your jewelry business. It should be informative, fun and interactive.


5. Have Clear And Informative Descriptions

What are the dimensions of the work? What are the materials used? Potential customers need this kind of information to help them decide on their purchase.  And to seal the sale, give a little insight into the inspiration behind the piece and a story about the techniques you used to create it.  Personal details will help your item come alive for the shopper.


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