How to manage a successful office relocation

How to manage a successful office relocation

If you are planning on moving out of your current office, having a well defined relocation project plan would certainly be in your best interest. As with any moving project, relocating from your working space requires adequate organization, proper planning and great attention to detail. In a nutshell, the office relocation project plan should clearly outline the tasks involved and the individuals responsible for each of these tasks. The main idea is to basically reduce the risk of downtime, loss of items and resources. That said, here’s how to go about an office relocation project plan.


How to Develop an office relocation Project Plan:

  1. Before embarking on any task regarding your relocation, it would be prudent to start by identifying the ideal individual in charge of the moving process. The acting in-office moving coordinator should first and foremost be a natural leader, besides being a good organizer and great decision maker. Once you have the right person for the job, everything else should come easy.
  1. Now that you have an in-office move coordinator serving as the project leader, the next step involves selecting a team to handle the project planning process. In a nutshell, this team should be able to develop a good office relocation plan in timely fashion.
  1. Next, involve the team to determine the best dates for crucial processes such as moving date, lease termination, signing of the new lease and new office preparation. Moving involves a lot of preparation and hence, the need for sufficient planning overall.
  1. Once you’ve figured out the logistics as a team, the next step is coming up with detailed estimates of the entire relocation budget. The final estimates should be reviewed continuously to ensure that the relocation process sticks within the budget.
  1. Finally, it is advisable to create a tailored project plan that suits your office relocation. Sure, you can use tips provided on quality websites such as, but the best office relocation project plans are those developed specifically for your move.


Developing a Relocation Plan – Tips on What to Include:

Before embarking on anything, it is paramount to keep in mind that every office relocation project is unique; meaning the processes involved can be varied depending on your specific project. The agenda, however, is the same – sticking to set budget and time-frame.

That said, start by identifying whether hiring a full service moving company would be in your best interest. Basically, full service movers are trained to handle every aspect of your project for you right from the start to finish. While these professionals don’t come cheap, they will manage the entire relocation process in seamless fashion.

Also, be sure to keep your employees posted on the upcoming move as early as you can. This can be done via meetings, emails or notices. Doing so not only minimizes downtime, but also ensures everyone is on the same page. Finally, insist on working with a professional office planner to come up with an adequate layout and design of your new office – considering future growth if need be.

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