How to Look Great On Your Wedding Day

How to Look Great On Your Wedding Day

Preparing for the biggest day of your life, your wedding day is not an easy task by any means. For any bride out there, the wedding day is the perfect moment to shine. It’s the day you’ve imagined since childhood and prepared for since forever. With all eyes on the bride, looking radiant, chic, and confident has never been so important. Considered as one of the best photographers in Brisbane, understanding how valuable the period before the wedding can be comes as no surprise. We’ve got you covered with some simple tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best when it’s time to say, “I do.”

Let your hair grow out there

Having beautiful long, luscious locks is something every bride dreams of. Growing out your hair as soon as possible is important so that you make it in time for the big day. For healthy hair that looks great, don’t forget to get a few trims during the process. This can set you back in terms of length, so don’t forget to keep that in mind.

A smile worth mentioning

As one of the most accomplished photographers in Brisbane, I can safely say that your smile is the key to looking great and feeling confident on the wedding day. Back to back photo sessions and all eyes on the bride means every little detail counts. For many people, the first thing noticeable is the bride’s smile. Having Gorgeous white pearls as teeth is so important. Although there are a number of professional as well as home teeth whiteners out there, getting that desired shade through whitening requires time.

Getting that perfect tan

Kimberley Getting Ready for her Big Day”

If you plan on aiming to achieve that perfect glow through a tan, opting out to experiment a few self-tanning options is the direction you should be heading in. If you ask us, staying clear of shades that are too orange while avoiding those that aren’t able to pack enough punch are simple tips to follow. You should also avoid any beauty fails by not doing anything before the big day as it could potentially rub off on your white gown.

Aim to achieve that flawless skin

“Gorgeous Rochelle looked fab on her wedding Day”

When it comes to skin, it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to take care of it. Healthy radiant and glowing skin does not appear overnight and requires months of hardcore beauty regimens and strict care. Going to bed without hydrating, cleansing and moisturizing your skin is a big no if you plan on nailing that bridal look.

It’s all in the eyes

Being Brisbane’s most renowned photographer, I know how many brides out there have had sleepless nights before their big day as it’s visible in their eyes. Months of poor food intake, a journey not less than an emotional rollercoaster and lack of sleep for days are bound to make your eyes look tired and droopy. Getting the skin around your eyes to be firm and free from dark circles means investing in eye hydrating creams and firming eye gel. Don’t forget to wear waterproof mascara on the big day so as to compensate for any tears coming down your way. After all, beauty lies in the eyes.

Clean up your act

Looking and feeling your best requires hard work and dedication. Saying goodbye to excess salt, sugar and processed foods as well as late night partying are just some of the many sacrifices one must make. Hydrate and detoxify your body as much as possible by drinking water. Wake up early and take out time to work on getting your body in shape. Last minute crash diets will do more harm than any good. Only when you feel good about yourself can you expect to look good and this requires the inner drive of cleaning up your act.


In case you’ve got grand wedding beauty dreams, don’t forget to realize that all change takes time. Planning well in advance, adopting a routine and having the determination to stick to it is the ultimate way to go.


Cover Photo: Rachel and Joshua


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