Groupon In Our Lives

Groupon In Our Lives

Groupon, a group purchasing website providing daily deals has changed the market in an amazing way. People who are having hard times or are currently impecunious always grab the opportunities of groupon to get a product or service rendered. Groupon offers various deals every day for a good discounted price. Daily deal services are different from ecommerce or discount stores. They send customers to the retailer to grab the opportunity of the discounted offer, and not sell to the customers directly. Seemingly, using a daily deal website is a shrewd way of saving huge money.

The users of groupon’s mobile app have skyrocketed to more than 9 million users. It has also emerged that 35% of persons that own mobile phones in U.S are registered in at least one daily deal service. Groupon is not the only daily deal service, as they have a robust competitor, which is livingsocial. They both send prospective customers emails informing them about products and services discounted for a specific period of time. Also, 50% of groupon’s sales are expected to come from mobile as per December 2012.

It has also emerged that 83% of daily deals users are registered with groupon and 44% with livingsocial. This shows that considerable amount of people enjoy the services of groupon more, and that some people make use of both services. We also got to know that most people that follow brands on social media make use of daily deal services, for 80.2% make use of groupon. Save upto 30% by using Groupon Discounts.

In addition, 76% of social media users who look for coupons to purchase do this on groupon. Quite simply, a coupon is a voucher giving the holder discount for a specific product. Lastly, 52% of people that shop online make use of groupon, 30% use livingsocial, while only 9% use other daily deal websites.


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