How to Keep Your Mattress Clean for a Good Night’s Sleep

How to Keep Your Mattress Clean for a Good Night’s Sleep


A very critical factor to decide the quality of sleep we have is the mattress that we sleep on. It decides not only on the comfort level of the sleep but also how we look the entire day. This makes it really important to have a mattress which we are extremely comfortable with. We also need to make sure that our bedding is clean to prevent any type of allergies or discomfort when we sleep. Here are some of the top tips to keep in mind to maintain your mattress in a really good condition.

  1. Clean any stains thoroughly

Stains on our bedding are something commonly experienced by all of us. We are bound to spill stuff on our beds as we drink or eat something. Children especially stain their bedding quite more often. This makes it important to clean it thoroughly with chemicals which do not affect your skin or cause you any allergy. It is preferred to use natural alternatives like lemon to scrub out the stains or you can also use a foamy mixture of lemon and maybe a little dishwashing detergent.

  1. Wash it quite often

This is one thumb rule which has got to be followed strictly no matter what. The amount of dust, mites and dirt from our own body can pile up quite quickly within our bedding. They may easily cause infections or unease as we sleep, if not cleaned thoroughly enough. Keep an eye on the recommended time to use the mattress and our pillow cover before throwing them into the laundry. Also make sure that you get it washed at the right place or wash it properly as given in the instructions. Further, subject it to bed bug treatment if bugs have somehow made their way into your mattress.

  1. Keep pets away from mattress

Even though it seems like having your pet on the bed is one of the most comforting act, it can definitely increase the chances of you getting affecting with some kind of pathogen. Pets are bound to roam out anywhere and easily pick up anything from the outside environment. Letting them onto the bed is the easiest way of exposing yourself to a variety of illness. It is thus, really important to train your pets to keep off the mattress and to sleep at the place allocated to them. This ensures that even you do not inhale any allergens from it, and that you sleep comfortably without any disturbance.

  1. Vacuuming

To keep the mattresses clean on a day to day basis, the best option would be to vacuum it. Everything from the crumbs of food which fall onto it, to the pollen and dust which come from the window kept open, can easily be vacuumed away in a whiz. Just remove all the sheets and use the upholstery brush to get rid of all those irritants which can lead to a rather uncomfortable sleep cycle if not removed regularly.

  1. Position it right

It is really important that the mattress is positioned right for the utmost comfort when lying on it. Continuously sleeping in the same position can cause a sleep wallow to form which can lead to back pain and other aching parts of the body. Revolving it occasionally or flipping it can make sure that it lasts longer as the pressure of the body is spread on all sides of the mattress rather than on one specific spot.

The tips given above ensure that your mattresses retain their quality for a longer duration and also provide a really comfortable resting place to fall into at the end of a tiring day. Following these small measures can help in you sleep quality in the long run.

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