A conversation with celebrity super-intuitive Sylvie Steinbach

A conversation with celebrity super-intuitive Sylvie Steinbach

We are sharing our recent interview with Sylvie Steinbach, a well-known super-intuitive with a thriving practice in Los Angeles.

Sylvie Steinbach interview

Pro Media Mag : First of all introduce yourself to our readers?
Sylvie Steinbach : I am a celebrity super-intuitive with a private practice in Los Angeles California for over 25 years. My clientele is from all over the world, from Australia to Europe. Some clients have been with me since the very beginning of my USA venture as I came originally from France.

Pro Media Mag : When did you realized that you can foresee the things and events?
Sylvie Steinbach : I was born with the sight. I could see other beings around my crib which was frightening to me at the time – my mother even made a notation about my night scares in my birth book! I started to have premonitions like my grand-father’s passing when I was 7 years old. In the early years, my sight was associated with traumatic events, things that would affect my well-being.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to start this professionally?
Sylvie Steinbach : I was born in a family of intuitives; my aunt and my grand mother were renowned for their abilities and received clients on a regular basis. However, in my youth I did not want to do this work, I wanted to be normal as this kind of gift felt like a burden at times. But my interest is paranormal was too strong. My parents were tolerant of my pursuit. I started to read my peers when I was in high school between breaks. I was experimented to see how far I could go. By the time I was 17 years old, my neighbors were sneaking to my parents’ house when they were away to get readings. Over time, it became evident that I had a talent. I became a professional in my 20s after I finished my astrology training.

Pro Media Mag : Do you have expertise in some specific kind of readings?
Sylvie Steinbach : I use the Lenormand cards almost exclusively in my sessions since I am 13 years old. I am an expert in this oracle. I am also a known karmic astrologer; I can unveil the soul’s blue print to this incarnation, the reasons why the person is coming and what are the characteristics and events in this current life that will promote the soul’s purpose. I can also act as a medium using my Lenormand deck, I have my own technique which is quite useful when dealing with unexplained deaths.

Pro Media Mag : You have become ‘Hollywood Best Secrets Assets’. Tell us more about your working with celebs?
Sylvie Steinbach : One of my first clients in the USA is still a client 25 years later, an award winning director and playwright. Celebrities have choices when it comes to intuitives but consistency when it comes to predictions is what makes them come back or refer you to their celebrity friends. I look at their projects, assess their potentials for commercial success, coach them on their career choices and help them with their love life! Even though they are under the spotlight, their problems are no different than yours or mine.

Pro Media Mag : Did you get some specific education or its all your skills and natural abilities?
Sylvie Steinbach : My ability to foresee the future is a gift that was refined with practice, experiment and clients’ feedback but to become an astrologer, I studied with the Rosicrucians to get a strong classic training. I found out that I had the ability to channel the natal chart and download what the life of the person was meant to be about. As a result, I went on to have my own radio show for a couple of years…

Pro Media Mag : You are also a published author. our readers would love to know about some of your work?
Sylvie Steinbach : The Lenormand cards are a family heirloom and I played with them when I was a child. It became my primary channel to enhance my abilities. In the 90s, I developed and updated the traditional process of reading the deck to fit the demand of my fast pace clients. I finally decided to write an introduction manual on my technique and meanings as the cards were little known in the USA – it became a bestseller which made the Lenormand oracle the popular deck it is today!

Pro Media Mag : What do you do in your off days or free time?
Sylvie Steinbach : I am working a lot! I started an online esoteric school where one can learn my signature technique with the Lenormand and more courses will be added next year as I am writing another manual on an old French oracle, very revered in Europe but almost unheard of in the USA. When I find time, I like to meet some of my clients or friends for a nice dinner as I am a foodie! I like walking and exploring nearby towns like Santa Barbara or Ojai.

Pro Media Mag : How can someone contact you to avail your services??
Sylvie Steinbach : Anyone can find interesting information on my website www.SylvieSteinbach.com. I have detailed explanation on my services and fees as well as videos. I have my own Lenormand deck since 2013 and if one wishes to study the Lenormand, signing up for my school is free. A link is available through my site as well.

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