How Many Calories Do You Burn in the Gym?

How Many Calories Do You Burn in the Gym?

The gym is one area where you can work out and stay in good shape. There is a wide range of modern equipment you can use to shed off extra pounds or burn more calories fast. Weight loss is all about the number of calories you lose in a single day compared to what you consume. You need to choose the right type of exercise or steroid shop that will help you burn more calories to lose weight. Keeping track of the calories you lose can is essential for your fitness program. Let’s have a look at the different gym equipment and the number of calories you can burn suing them.


One good way you can burn more calories is by running. Your body uses a lot of energy when in motion compared to when you are stationary. Energy use means that you get to burn a lot of calories. Running on the treadmill is the first thing you should try out if you want to lose weight. Walking on a treadmill at a speed of about 3 mph will help you burn about 219 calories in a single hour or 73 in 20 minutes.

Stationary Bike

The number of calories you get to lose on an exercise bike can be determined the pace you go and your weight. Those with more pounds will burn more fat in an hour compared to those who weigh less. The posture you use can also determine the number of calories you burn. Those on a standing climb posture lose more compared to those who use a seated position. One can burn an average of 500 calories using this exercise.


Your posture when using this gym equipment can determine the number of calories you burn. Many tend to lean over it when taking short strides and this reduces calorie burn. Using it correctly will see you get the right results. It is estimated that someone weighing 68 kgs (150 lbs.) can burn about 500 calories in an hour using the stepper.


Your body weight can determine the number of calories you burn using this gym equipment. It helps improve the condition of both the lower and upper part of your body. You can burn around two calories for every body pound when using the elliptical for about 30 minutes. Someone weighing 73 kgs (160 pounds) can burn 345 calories in 30 minutes.

Circuit Training

Circuit training workouts can help burn more calories. It also helps improve strength and aid in weight loss. This type of exercise helps burn 30% more calories compared to other strength training exercises. You can burn up to ten calories in a single minute through circuit training workouts.

Weight Lifting

It is among some of the highly-intensive exercises best known for increasing muscle mass. Weight lifting also helps one shed off extra pounds in their body. The strength you put in when lifting different weights will help burn more calories. Someone who weighs 155 pounds can burn about 112 calories after half an hour of weightlifting. It is different in those who weigh more like 185 pounds who get to use 133 calories in the same span of time.


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