High Quality lenses in compatible prices at Dubai Lenses

High Quality lenses in compatible prices at Dubai Lenses

Its hard to find genuine and high quality eye lenses. That’s why my search took me different malls, optics and online stores. After having some bad experience luckily I got a chance to try lenses from Dubai Lenses. I would say I am really impressed by the quality of their lenses. They sell high quality color lenses from well known brands such as Solotica, Luminous and Anesthesia.

Here are some nice Lenses I have tried and I would recommend to my readers as well.


These Solotica brand lenses are one of my favorites. Hidrocor Quartzo color so eye catching and attractive. Quality is exceptional. And the prices they are offering is very compatible too. You can buy them in only 320 DHS. And they are offering one year warranty too. 

This one is another one I really liked. These are Luminous brand lenses. Another high quality brand you can rely. Color is my favorite, green. I know its not only my favorite color but there are plenty of other girls. Color is 250 DHS and they are offering one year guarantee for these lenses too. I am satisfied with quality that made me recommend these to you.

There are so many other lenses I loved on Dubai Lenses. Page have great customer support and prices of all the lenses are exceptionally compatible. You will love your experience working with them.

Checkout the complete range of their lenses at https://www.instagram.com/dubai.lenses

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