Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About What Is A Good Mop For Tile Floors

Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About What Is A Good Mop For Tile Floors

Mopping tile floors is not the easiest chore to do. So a good question to ask is what is a good mop for tile floors? Going into many home improvement stores this is a common question. It actually is very complicated to keep tile clean. Although it is some of the most beautiful floorings, the proper upkeep is not always so cost efficient. There are a few mops that claim to be the best, but only a few actually measure up to the right standards for tile. The top three mops I want to highlight are as follows:

  • spin mop
  • wet/dry mop
  • steam mop

After reading this article there will be an option for every budget of tile cleaning:

1) Spin Mop

So at the top of the list for many reasons is the spin mop. In stores called the twist and shout mop. This is on a medium scale for cost and also rated at a 4.7 on a scale of 1-5. One really great plus with a spin mop is the fact that most of the water can be squeezed out in the bucket keeping the floor free of streaks ad puddles. The spin mop also includes a reusable microfiber wash head, also accompanied by its own specially made bucket. If all that hasn’t sold you the spin mop also has a unique 180-degree spin head, so its able to reach under any piece of furniture.

2) Wet/Dry Mop

The next mop on the list is going to be the Wet/Dry mop. Being the least expensive of all three mops and ranking at a 4.6 is the Bona Microfiber Mop. Although it may not do the deepest of cleaning it does do a very suitable job with the surface cleaning. Now with the Bona microfiber mops, it is able to mop on multiple surfaces not just tile, but if it is used on multiple surfaces make sure to change microfiber pads for each surface. The dry aspect helps attack all the loose dust floating around, while the wet mop removes dirt and grime. The wet/dry mop is perfect for smaller homes and apartments. It’s also great for those quickie clean ups.

3) Steam Mop

The third option on top three list is the steam mop. In stores, you can find it as the Bissell steam mop and vacuum. A steam mop will be the most expensive option, but very well worth it. With buying a steam you get the deepest penetrating cleaning of all. There’s a reason its rated 4.5 stars. While its great to dust your tile floors, but its even better to vacuum them. Bissell’s vacuum is powerful enough to pick up all loose hairs and debris. Yet its still delicate enough not to damage those beautiful tile floors. Those extra sticky messes on the surface come up super easy with the steam mop, all while penetrating beneath the surface to remove the underlying dirt.

When it comes to tile floors there beautiful to look at, but not so beautiful to clean. Cleaning tile is not the most favorite of chores. After careful consideration of the best options for mops on a tile floor, the three listed above are ideally ranked the highest among hundreds of options. Now with all these mopping choices, we should be running home to clean all those tile floors. No more surface cleaning, or spending the whole day trying to get rid of streaks. These three mops give great cleaning options all at a different price point for every shopper.


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