Have a Long-lasting and durable nail gel experience with NadiaGel


Its hard to go to saloon every time for gel nail. Not only it will be costly but also its hard to find a good saloon near you. Even if you locate some good saloon in surroundings what if you travel regularly? So it seems hard to get a gel nail every time. But NadiaGel have come up with an exciting and innovative solution. NadiaGel HNC Soak Off Gel Nail Starter Kit got everything you need for non-toxic, long-lasting, and durable gel nail.

Kit includes an eco-friendly LED gel lamp cures your work in seconds and a custom-made travel case for you to enjoy the on-the-go salon experience anywhere. Now you can carry your own kit with you and can have the perfect gel nail experience anytime, anywhere  you want.


Kit includes everything you need for a perfect gel nail experience. NadiaGel‘s gels are easy to apply like an nail polish but durable like acrylics. Normal nail polishes are hard to maintain while this nail gel will last for weeks. So apart from saving your money for visiting a saloon for nail gel it saves money through its long lasting feature as well.

Non-toxic is the other feature that makes it your ultimate choice. Majority of nail polishes have harmful chemicals in them. Those are very harmful for your skin and nails. But NadiaGel’ gel doesn’t have any harmful ingredients at all. All that makes NadiaGel HNC Soak Off Gel Nail Starter Kit a must have for every women who love to keeping nails in the right and colorful shape.

If you are looking for more such products there are plenty of other options at www.nadiagel.com.

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