Hand Accessories

Hand Accessories

banglesHand accessories are an important part if you want to have a complete outfit. You can opt from rings, bracelets, bangles or gloves. Today we will talk about bangles and finger tattoos. We consider finger tattoos also hand accessories, but temporary ones. Most people look at others hands, so it’s important that what we wear on the fingers or arms to represent us and our personality.


In some religious countries bangles are also considered that they have a traditional value. Asian women wear bangles because is a symbol of femininity. Now days, even in West women wear bangles as a statement piece of jewelry.

banglesWhen you are wearing bangles pay attention at the size of it, because it will affect your comfort when you are wearing them. The important thing is that the bracelets do not to slide out of your palm. You can find oval, round or bangles with carved. You can find various carved bangles with kinds of designs and ornamentation which are perfect for the stylish women.

You can look for bangles in different colors from lavender, black, yellow, silver, gold, multi color and so on. You can have fun and mix them for a more edgy and chic effect.

Finger Tattoos

Getting a tattoo on your finger is like wearing a ring, so be careful to choose a tattoo that express your personality because a lot of people will see it. Just have in mind that is going to be forever and that is la lifetime commitment.

Finger tattoos are a fun way of self-expression and they can make your appearance more urban and extravagant. Keep it simple and go for a minimal design like letter or simple lines. Usually finger tattoos on fingers fade after some time so if you want them to look good all your life, you need to go get them touched up regularly.

If you are getting married and don’t like the traditional rings, then getting a wedding finger tattoo is the best choice. They are so different and cute in comparison with the diamonds wedding rings. You can opt from so many designs like initials, runes, infinity shape, diamond shapes, dates or some simple lines.

Accessories are part of the fashion industry and for an essential and sophisticated look we need to pay attention to details, because they make the difference.

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