GypsyStars offer jewelry and bows handmade with Autism

Rachel the store owner has autism and he started this Etsy store selling  to sell handmade jewelry and bows. Before going through the products or buying anything we have made a little effort to get to the know the store owner and the main idea behind manufacturing and selling these products.

Rachel says,

“I started this store to sell these amazing things that I learned to make in art/craft classes. It takes hard work and I’m a little slower than the average person but my abilities are just as strong as everyone else’s. I get to make so many amazing things and etsy allows me to share them with the world. According to my mom, selling my amazing jewelry and bows has been great for my self-esteem and building my confidence. Etsy allows me to show off my talent while raising money for fun activities we can all do together. ”

So overall these products are unique and inspiring. You must check them out.Visit GypsyStarsRVA


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