Get Custom Tailored Traditional South Asian Clothes in USA

Get Custom Tailored Traditional South Asian Clothes in USA

Are you a big fan of South Asian style clothes? Do you like to wear traditional designer clothes? I know its hard to find clothes such as Sherwanis, Kurtas, Jodhpuri style in USA. We either have to stick to whatever kind of clothes we can find here or if our desire to wear our traditional clothes increases at highest level, we have to travel our native land. It doesn’t matter you belong to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or any other south Asian country the cost of travel will be too high for you. But I recently came across a site or I would rather say the solution to this problem. Rivesse is offering  traditional designer clothes at reasonable prices.Life 2017 movie trailer

From Sherwanis to Nehru style Kurta and Jacket you can get any kind of traditional clothes from Rivesse tailor made for you at your footstep. Means you don’t have to visit India to get an Indian traditional style suit stitched for you. You can actually have an appointment with people at Rivesse and order as per your measurement and requirements. And they will get it done for you at highly affordable price (Actually that’s my favorite part affordable price as most of the people ask for high prices if they offers something like that).watch Ghost in the Shell 2017 film online now

Their expertise are not limited to traditional clothes only. They are experts in suiting as well. In case you love wearing suit that fits your body perfectly then you can get it stitched for you by them. You can order customized suits, shirts,pants which are solely made for your body measurements only and not standard sizing clothes. Prices are highly compatible and if you compare them with what you have to pay here in USA for custom tailor clothes, you are actually paying nothing. I would actually appreciate the people behind Rivesse for breaking the pricing barrier and coming up with so reasonable prices.

To order you can visit their Rivesse Website or for further updates and new styles you can follow them on Instagram @rivesseclothing

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