General safety guidelines you should know about the baby jumper


There is hardly such kids who don’t love a jumper. Almost all babies have an attraction towards baby jumper. It is also a great product to reduce pressure on parents. But there should be no compromise with the safety of your little one. To maximize the safety regarding a baby jumper for your little star, you should keep some points into consideration.

  1.    Place the jumper on a clean surface:

Where you would place the jumper for playing, the surroundings should be clean to ensure a hygienic environment for your baby. As babies are likely to get affected by germs and bacteria too quickly, it’s very necessary to keep the environment healthy.

  1.    Never use in dangerous areas:

Always keep this point in mind that, never ever put your baby in a jumper in risky areas stairs or near pools. This might prove really dangerous. While placing the baby jumper make sure the surface is plain and in a safe distance from electric wire or something like that.

  1.    Maintain flexible time limit:

The time limit is of crucial importance to get the best out of a baby jumper. If you keep your baby for a long time in a jumper, it might put excessive pressure on specific muscles. Again, some parents complaints that using too much baby jumper affects baby’s walking.

The best solution is, use the baby jumper for a short period of time at a stretch. The recommended time limit for using a baby jumper daily is 20 minutes.

  1.    Check the jumper before every playing session:

To ensure ultimate safety for your little one, conduct a thorough check-up of the jumper before every playing session. Check if the baby is fitted securely and strapped into a harness to evade falling out while jumping. Don’t attach toys with strings to avoid any kind of danger.

Check the laces are sewn properly or not to avoid falling out. If there is any exposed spring, cover that immediately to prevent accidental trapping of baby’s finger.

  1.    Start using a baby jumper at the right age

If your baby can not keep the head upright, you should not put him or her in a jumper. Again, if your baby is already walking, you should not use a baby jumper either. The pre-walking period is the ideal time for using a baby jumper. Stop using the jumper once your little one exceeds the height and weight limit.

  1.    Never leave your baby unattended

Though baby jumpers include safety features considerably, you should never be relaxed entirely. You must keep your baby under supervision during his or her playing session. Supervise if there is any chance to get bumped with walls, door frames or any other object.

However, if you keep these basic guidelines in mind before using a baby jumper, there is nothing to worry about the safety of your kid. With safety precautions, your baby can get a joyous playing time.

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