Hey, we saw Davina Cole in that ad campaign on TV, called Dispatches.  We also saw her in Flights of Frankie and on the Discovery Channel in Sinister Ministers. She always stands out and the critics notice her and genuinely praise her more often than not. Why wouldn’t they, she is a highly trained actress with a lot of talent and most of all she is determined to become even more of a success than she already is.

Davina ColeShe’s got the track record of someone who’s been in the business a long time, but in reality it’s been a relatively short time since Davina jumped in with both feet. After graduating from Mountain View Academy of Theatre Arts in London, she began to immediately get roles that should have gone to much more experienced actresses. Davina doesn’t actually think like that, though, she just goes out and grabs the part if she is interested in playing it. That’s not to say that she doesn’t do her homework before the audition, because she does.

Once Davina sees that a part is up for audition, she learns all the dialogue for that character and becomes that character when she steps into the auditorium to read for the producers and director. Once she sets her sights on a role, the other actors who are reading for the same part should just pack up and go home – or go to another audition. That way, Davina won’t be there and they might have a better chance at winning that part.

Although she does think of other things, TV, Commercials, Stage and movies are Davina’s life at the present. She is an actress first and foremost, and that’s what she focuses on almost totally. Even between acting gigs, which keeps her busy most of the year, she betters herself and hones her acting chops by taking advanced acting courses with the best coaches and teachers. And she has learned a lot and continues to learn about her craft.

When asked what advice she would give to new actors, Davina said to never stop working at your craft; doing that will enable you to achieve your goals. She also said that you should continually challenge yourself with every new role as a performer. The industry is hard but with determination, hope and faith, you can and will succeed.

Pretty good advice.

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