Five Business Insurance Policies That Can Protect Your Architecture Firm

An architecture firm has the responsibility to plan, conceive and create buildings and structures for governmental and private clients. They need to collaborate with various people to deliver the final project. These can include suppliers and vendors, contractors, transportation companies, and more.

Architect businesses also have to deal with clients. A dissatisfied client can hurt your firm’s reputation and even sue you for damages. An architect’s worksite also leaves you and your employees open to workplace injuries and medical claims.

To protect your architecture firm, you should consider investing in the right set of business insurance coverage policies that protect your business. Here are five business insurance to consider for architect business:

1. Combined Business Policy

A Business Owners’ Policy is necessary for businesses across various industries, architecture firms included. It includes various insurance policies that help you protect your business from property damage, accident and injury claims, and even lost income. These are the three insurance policies you’ll find included in a Business Owners’ Policy:

  • General Liability Insurance: Slips and falls, or even a piece of debris falling on the client or a third party, can lead to your firm getting sued. A General Liability Insurance protects your business by covering you against claims related to such injuries. Property damage can also be covered under this business insurance policy. You can also secure coverage for certain kinds of slander and libel, which can protect your business in the long run.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: If you want to protect the physical property of your architect business, then this business insurance policy is for you. Commercial Property Insurance will apply to you whether you own the building you run your business from or whether you’re renting it. With this business insurance policy, you can protect your pocket and your business funds in case of physical damage to your property.
  • Business Income Insurance: If your architect business is ever halted due to property damage, fire damage, or any other issue, then a Business Income Insurance can be perfect for you. This insurance policy will protect your business income by helping you recover lost income due to business disruptions.

2. Professional Liability Insurance

A Professional Liability Insurance can protect your architect business’ reputation. This insurance policy provides coverage should your client decide to sue you for damages over a financial loss. This legal suit owing to financial loss applies when the loss happens as a result of negligence or misrepresentation on your part.

Architects are people, and sometimes you can make a mistake. If that mistake causes financial loss or dissatisfies the client, then a Professional Liability Insurance policy will protect your architect business.

3. Accounts Receivable Insurance

One of the unique features involved in the architecture business is that projects can take time to finish. Sometimes a project can take a year or more to complete. When this happens, you will get paid the complete amount receivable by you only after the completion of the project.

This leaves your income from the project in the form of receivables. To recover these receivables, you’ll need to maintain records of the amount owed to you. Should you lose this data, or if these records become damaged, then recovering those dues could prove difficult. This is where an Accounts Receivable Insurance policy can help you. You will receive help in restoring lost data, as well as in recovering the receivables owed to you.

4. Valuable Papers and Records Insurance

Architects work with various important documents. These include architecture plans, project documents, blueprints, etc. Should this data be lost or corrupted, the damage to your architect business could be huge.

A Valuable Papers and Records Insurance helps you to recover lost data. Damaged systems such as software or hardware can be restored, and you will also receive help with restoring the lost documents.

5. Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance policy is designed to protect your employees should they be injured at work. For an architect business, this is a real possibility. Many architects and their employees work on-site, and falling debris or a workplace accident could leave an employee incapable of working.

Many states across the US have also made it compulsory for business owners who have even one employee to have Workers Comp. Workers Cover includes medical expenses, partial wage recovery, disability benefits, and more.


Architect businesses should consider insurance policies that integrate various needs. An architecture firm should cover their own interests, the interests of their properties and documents, as well as their employees.

If you want to learn more about business insurance that architect businesses should consider, then click here.

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