Having a dog pet comes along with many benefits.Some of them include keeping you company in your walks or even rides and you can always play your pet to release stress.Certain types of dogs such as German Shepherds are known to provide security.However, the high cost of buying a dog may be preventing some interested people from owning them but all is not lost since you can opt to adopt one.Let us look at some key considerations to make when adopting a dog.

The energy level of the dog.

Some dogs are hyperactive, some have medium energy whereas others are absolutely mundane.When deciding to adopt a dog, look at its energy level to ensure that it matches with the energy of all family members.


When going to check out that new dog that you would like to adopt, bring with you the family members, including your current dogs.Make sure that the family members like the dog in almost all ways possible and discuss any differences that may arise.Let the dog you would wish to adopt interact with your current dogs to check whether they will be compatible.

The dog’s breed.

A Dog’s breed should be among your key considerations when choosing whether to adopt it or not.Generally, mixed breeds win over the pure ones due to factors such as:

– lower incidence of recessive genes.

– higher resistance to diseases.

There are also claims that mixed breeds are smarter than pure breeds, although it is not scientifically proven.

The dog’s age and past life.

Old or medium aged dogs are sometimes the best to adopt since they have been trained before.They tend to be:

– more calm

– easier to handle compared to puppies

As a result, it is easier to take an old dog on a walk or a ride.However, always recall the adage that you cannot teach an old dog new ways.It is also important to look ahead and see whether you will like the dog later, especially if it’s a puppy since puppyhood lasts for only a short time.


How much time has passed after my last dog passed?It is vital to allow some time after a dog dies before you adopt another one since it helps to clear the weak energy mourning environment.Consider the season also since some seasons are associated with outbreaks of certain dog diseases to ensure that you are not bringing an ill dog home.


Always check whether the dog is vaccinated against some diseases such as:

– Distemper.

-Canine Adenovirus


-Parvovirus-For puppies.

You can always vaccinate it later but keep it away from the other dogs until the vaccination period is over.



A dog is man’s best friend so if you don’t have one already, adopt one and consider the factors above while at it.Never leave your instincts behind too when adopting that dog.Remember that the dog may behave in a different way from how it behaved in the shelter once you adopt it and be ready to tolerate such changes or train it how you would like it to behave.It is always advisable to seek the views of dog experts before adopting even after you have considered the above factors.Good luck in adopting your dog!

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