Elegant, Stylish and Shapely Sunglasses by Vuelo Eyewear

Elegant, Stylish and Shapely Sunglasses by Vuelo Eyewear

Vuelo Eyewear is the fusion of timeless silhouettes with modern edge, and the alchemy of classic aviation eyewear with the present moment.

They are takers of trips, shunners of Comic Sans, and travellers to new cities.


They have an appreciation for elegant shapes and lines, a penchant that transcends our desire for shapely eyewear to the face of the wearer. The contours of their frames are designed to accentuate cheekbones and etch jawlines, whether via the stark contrast of our round lenses or the mimicry of topography that their more ovalesque models offer.

They love sunglasses for more than their aesthetic. They love the transformation of outlook and mentality that comes with slipping glasses over your eyes. The functionality of eyewear shields you from the world’s harshness, like the glare of concrete or the wallop of a whisky hangover. Eyewear helps you hide rosy eyes and pupil size. You can block out that bitch giving shade with your shades. Embrace yourself, or channel another.

Vuelo Eyewear

Vuelo celebrates sunglasses, because they understand how heaven sent they can feel.

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