Dominic Janis aka Vio Beats

Dominic Janis aka Vio Beats

American Artist, Producer, and Songwriter

PENSACOLA (FL), July 27, 2019: A new kind of business for electronic producers around the world,
and a renewed opportunity for people who love producing music from their own studio. That’s
what Dominic Janis aka Vio Beats is doing through his own platform——in
order to grab the attention of artists who are in the market for new beats to sing or rap on.
This is the premise of “type beat” production, a growing niche that sees producing beats as a
means of adapting sounds to a rapper’s needs and not the other way around. Groovy basslines,
high pitches, strong hooks; that’s what artists are looking for nowadays. Thanks to his widespread
online presence, a professional website, and dozens of beats, Dominic offers more than just that.

You can hear it in the way he remixes hip-hop beats to achieve a professional, modern, clean
sound. Catchy tunes are carefully crafted to match various BPMs (Beats Per Minute, a term for
measuring the tempo of a piece of music) so that hip-hop artists can immediately start rapping
without thinking twice about flow and consistency. The specs are there to help them buy faster.
Clearly displayed on Vio’s website, BPM is a major force in the industry. It not only changes the
way a piece of music sounds, but it also implies a different kind of vibe for the song that’ll be then
written atop of it. In fact, it’s important to note that type beats can be used to create and self-
distribute songs without asking for additional permission. Artists simply pay a small fee upfront.

Type beats are especially known for introducing rhythms that are likened to the style of famous
artists such as Drake, Joyner Lucas, Juice Wrld, Future, Migos, etc. It’s easy for rising artists to
understand what to buy when they already have an artist in mind, allowing for a streamlined
purchasing process. “You got a Joyner type beat mate?” And sure enough, here it is for just $29.
Vio focuses on hip-hop and rap. It’s what he loves most in the music scene, but he doesn’t see it as
just a passion—it’s the way he’s been making a name for himself after all. Dominic is focused on
delivering the message that type beats are here to stay, especially for up-and-coming artists that
need a quick-and-easy way to jumpstart their career without breaking the bank.
Throughout the platforms that Vio uses most (YouTube, Instagram, Spotify) we can already count
40+ hip-hop beats, making for a sound repertoire. It’s not without purpose however that Vio often
redirects people towards his website. That’s because his independent online presence is fairly
strong due to a professional website that offers all the bells and whistles necessary in the biz.
“Vio got that sound boy,” a strong voice reminds us while browsing beats on Vio’s website. It’s a
nifty trick that allows producers like Vio to “tag” (watermark) their copyrighted material without
ruining the experience for those who are looking to buy. In a world where you can use any kind of
extension to download embedded MP3 files, taking this kind of precautionary step is a must.

“Where can I buy the beat?” says user Ibrahim Aslan on Vio’s YouTube channel. “Hottest producer
out right now,” says another. These are genuine comments that have populated Vio’s highest-
rated video on YT: “Gunna x Roddy Rich – Type Beat “Diamonds” | Trap/Rap Instrumental 2019.”
Here, you can immediately discern Vio’s production quality as soon as you hit the play button.
Dominic knows that producing isn’t just about making beats anymore. That’s why he’s investing
both time and money in visuals, social media, a professional online presence, copywriting, and
much more. As he grows his type beat business, Dominic is making great strides towards creating
a name for himself, especially now that hip-hop and rap have become mainstream categories.
Thanks to his growing fanbase and an attitude based off of dedication and hard work, Vio knows
how to make type beats that resonate with today’s hip-hop audience. It’s his way of giving value
to a community he truly loves. You can find Dominic’s work at,
and you can also visit his social media channels to understand more about his style and who he is.

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About Dominic Janis aka Vio Beats
Born in 1996, Dominic Alexander Janis—known professionally as Vio Beats or simply Vio—is an
American producer and songwriter. While growing up, Janis had to face moving frequently as a
result of being a part of a military family. In Virginia Beach, Dominic started to develop his passion
for music and begun producing beats. He uses popular DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) FL Studio.

Contact Information
Name: Dominic Alexander Janis
Pseudonym: Vio Beats

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