Derek Lai inspires with “I Like Our Story”

Derek Lai inspires with “I Like Our Story”

We recently came across a very inspiring track “I Like Our Story” by Derek Lai. Even though he is relevantly new in the music industry, yet he has grabbed the attentions of the music critic and fans with his heart touching music.

It’s is an inspiring song with a beautiful message. A heart-rending song that tells a tale of determination and love. Sometimes it can take many tries to get one thing right. As with any other worthwhile parts of life, the journey is often greater than the reward.  “I Like Our Story” is out now on SoundCloud.

The title fits the song perfectly, as it gives you the hope and courage to be your true self. We all have our own way to be and we shouldn’t hide behind a mask. Surely someone out there accepts us the way we are (“I Like Our Story”).

The music is soothing and puts you in a good mood. The catchy beat and their voices make you want to give it another listen. Lai’s soothing voice and velvety instrumentals will leave his audience starry-eyed as they dream of their own love story.

It’s is a good song to listen to whenever you’re depressed or when you feel like you can’t be the person you are. I believe that you won’t regret if you give it a try

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