Cutting Edge Books and Music

“Everything that a guest sees, eats, buys, touches, does, wears, etc… all has to do with your own personal adventure, within our world.”

Such is the prophetic mission statement of an epic, fantasy entertainment company that is, quite honestly, unlike any other.

Their core line of products are fantasy Apple Books and it is a heartwarming trilogy.

It features The Spellbook, Spark the Flying Frog and The Legend of the Lost Rose. These have full, touch screen animations. When you tap in succession, the animation moves forward, bringing you deeper into the story.

They also showcase pieces of integrated merchandise, that are shipped to the home. These are either integral to the character’s plot, and/or moves your own personal story forward.

In particular, The Spellbook has its own music soundtrack. The Spellbook happens to be free, while the music soundtrack is both a separate purchase, as well as available on the worlds top streaming services.

Spark the Flying Frog and The Legend of the Lost Rose are availableha for purchase.

For all of the latest news, on Pazzaria Productions, please visit their website here.

Pazzaria Productions Explainer Video

The Spellbook

Spark the Flying Frog

The Legend of the Lost Rose

The Spellbook Soundtrack

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