CURRUCUTÚ – Your Ultimate Source To Anglo Market

CURRUCUTÚ – Your Ultimate Source To Anglo Market


“Your design can hit Anglo market now with the help of CURRUCUTÚ”

CURRUCUTÚ is a brand created by three hardworking Colombian entrepreneurs.  We build on complementary personalities and a shared believe…you can make a living outside corporations, while creating better living conditions for others.
We created a platform to show the world the talent, spirit and essence of so many Latin souls, who find in art, creativity and design the best ways to express themselves.

At CURRUCUTÚ we believe in the power of details and uniqueness.  We believe ripples of hope can impact persons and eventually the world.  We believe artistic and esthetic expressions impact emotional development of individuals and progress of society.  We believe in design and originality, we believe products should tell stories!

We are one of the winners of Capital Semilla Medellín an entrepreneurship contest in Colombia.  With Currucutú, we want to help designers, jewellers and artisans, entrepreneurs just like us, in Colombia and Latin America.

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