Experience Creativity with Iloiloh

Experience Creativity with Iloiloh

The world was inspired to what Steve Job’s said, “Creativity is just connecting things“. Your creativity can be an amazing idea without you knowing it. You can create amazing ideas and design it in different platforms like Iloiloh.

So what’s Iloiloh? Iloiloh is a next generation pinterest board. It is a new platform where unique product design concepts are build and turning them into actual products. They have the best manufacturers who brings the highest standards of design and functionality, making your concept into wonderful real products so you can share it and produce it to the world as well.


Iloiloh helps any individual to make each design concept in reality in easy way. No need to hire middlemen to do the work. You don’t need to go through extensive training or paperworks or find the best manufacturer to produce your idea. With Iloiloh, they can help you along the way.

Here’s how it works. Signup your new account to Iloiloh’s website using a valid email address. After validating your email address, go to the Board and start creating ideas using the images provided in the board. Choose the images that match your idea. If you didn’t see any images that match your idea, you can always add an image by importing them in the board. Then you can give a very nice title and description about your idea. You can give details such as how it works, the benefits, and what it looks like. The completed design concept will be posted on the Idea page which can be seen by different Iloiloh users and Iloiloh’s manufacturers. Like facebook and pinterest, you can like them and share to your social media accounts about your creative concept.


When Iloiloh’s manufacturers and producers are interested to produce your amazing design, you will be notified about it. After both parties are agreed and a decision is made, a prototype will be produced. After the QA process it will be directed to commercial production. Once your idea is selected, Iloiloh will announce it to the whole Iloiloh community about the new project, release date, and market locations.

This can be a wonderful place to make a good profit out of your creative mind! It’s easy and this is 100% FREE!

You can check the latest release here,

The products can be a wedding souvenir, a card game, a unique coffee table, an astounding toy, anything is possible with Iloiloh. SO what are you waiting for? Let’s make your ideas to be an innovative product with Iloiloh now!

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