Corlioni – The Man in the Mask and his Music

Corlioni – The Man in the Mask and his Music

Corlioni is electronic dance music producer and songwriter, over recent months his music has gained widespread acclaim and his new release “Destiny” is going from strength to strength. We asked him about his music and also about that mysterious Xmen mask.

Corlioni interview

 Before we ask you about your music can you please tell us about that dashing white mask, why exactly do you wear it?

My initial reason for wearing the mask is actually quite boring, I am by nature quite a shy person. I wear sunglasses quite a bit but I thought the mask thing would be more fun, so! The mask has now become part of the Corlioni image.

What is your genre of music?

To be honest I never set out to write in a specific genre, I do however tend to combine 2 or three styles which usually have a touch of tropical house thrown into the mix.

Who are your favourite artists?

Wow that’s tough because there are so many good acts out there right now, I am though a huge fan of Alan Walker. The guy is a genius, I think what I like about him is his use of strong vocal melodies. Songs such as Alone and Fade really shine because of those vocal lines, not to mention his instrumentation. I also like Kygo and Mile Perry, both are awesome producers.

 Do you have a specific formula for writing your songs?

Actually yes, I used to work in an extremely unorganized fashion but eventually worked out a method that seems to work well. I first create a basic beat then add a chord structure with something like piano or a pad, I then come up with a vocal using my own voice. Once I have written the words I then send a demo to the vocalist, they then choose a key and I alter the framework to their key. The vocals are then laid down and I then produce the song around the vocals. So far this has worked well and seems to be the quickest way for me to come up with a track, as a producer I am always learning so it may well be that one day I come up with a different method.

You have recently worked with Austin Leeds, how did you guys get on in the studio?

Actually we worked in separate studios, I am based in the UK and Austin lives in Miami. Not only is he an awesome mix engineer he is an awesome artist in his own right, the guy has worked with Avicii and Paul Van Dyk so he really knows his stuff. I write in the UK and he mixes the tracks in Miami, works really well as I hate flying lol.

 How do you decide which vocalists to work with?

Sometimes I am recommended someone and other times I seek them out, for example the vocalist on Destiny is an amazing young singer called Breeze Redwine. I found her via a video on YouTube, I thought wow that girl can sing and immediately contacted her management. She was a joy to work with and the amazing thing is, she is only 14. The girl has the voice of a seasoned pro and if I had not told you would totally think she was a whole lot older.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Wow that is a tough one, I suppose right now I would have to say Zara Larsson, she has an unmistakable tone in her voice and you instantly know it is her singing. I also like Shy Martin, she has a powerful yet delicate voice and her vocals always cut through superbly.

8. What are your plans for the future?

I suppose I just want to continue to write as many new songs as possible, also carry out lots of musical experimentation and of course break as many rules as I can. Music is a tough game so for I think I must also focus on growing my fan base, without fans us musicians are nothing.  Also without fans we do not get feedback and are unable to improve our craft, so I think creating a relationship with my fans will be a future priority.

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