Conversation with talented and inspiring music artist Young Prophit

Conversation with talented and inspiring music artist Young Prophit

Meet Elijah Pacheco, a 16 year old rising rap superstar that is ready to take the game by storm. Hailing from MottHaven, South Bronx by way of North Carolina, Young Prophit, is one young artist that while he knows he must make his own way, he makes sure he pays respects to the greats.

We are sharing our recent interview with him.

Someone inspired you to get into this industry?
There’s no particular person that inspired me. I feel as though I was born to do this. Like this is the only reason I’m here

You recently released “Drip On Me”. Tell us more about that ?
Drip On Me is the best of both worlds. Clear lyricism with a taste of the modern sound as well. It captures both audiences within a little less than 5 minutes.

Response must have been good?
The response was amazing. Radio stations across the country are spinning the song and I’m getting a lot of love her in Charlotte as well.

Working in studios or performing on stage? What do you enjoy more?
With this I can’t choose I love both of them equally the same.

Any thing else you would like to share with our readers?
Yes my social media @ig Young Prophit

What’s up next?
An album or mixtape is in the works

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