Conventional Clothing Items that Make You Look Sexy

Conventional Clothing Items that Make You Look Sexy

Dress codes are usually strict and satisfying them might make you feel less sexy and confident. However, there are some pieces of conventional clothing that can look pretty hot if you know how to wear them. Plus, they fall into the category of work appropriate clothes, so there is no one to nag about what you are wearing.


Pencil Skirts
Nothing says formal and stylish more than a pencil skirt. If you choose the length that goes slightly above or under your knees, you will satisfy the dress code, but your will look sexy and classy. Pencil skirts hug your body and create the most elegant and mesmerizing silhouette. Depending on the colors and patterns you choose, you can easily fit your body style and elevate your business look. However, you should probably stay away from too vivid colors or tacky patterns, since those can only make your hips look wider and they are not really appropriate for the office. Pair your neutral pencil skirt with a simple blouse with long sleeves in a contrasting color, put on a pair of stylish pumps and you will rock the office.



Black Turtle Necks
Many people don’t like wearing turtle necks because they believe they are outdated and too casual. However, black turtle necks can make a quite useful piece of your work attire, since they are so flexible and flattering. They can perfectly emphasize your breasts and hips without exposing them at all, and your silhouette will be smooth and seducing. Additionally, to make things more interesting, you can throw on a flashy statement necklace and pull your hair up for the ultimate sexy look that is office appropriate. For casual Fridays, you can pair a turtle neck with skinny jeans; and during the weekdays, pair it with a pencil skirt. However, if you think black is too dark or boring for you, you can opt for some bolder colors such as marine blue or bold red and complement the outfit with a black or checked skirt.



Lace Clothing
Laced clothes are a slippery slope that could get you into trouble at work. If a piece contains plenty of lace and little fabric, the outfit will be too revealing which doesn’t fit the dress code. That is why you should be very careful when choosing lace clothes to enrich your work attire. If you see a piece that has tan fabric and black lace, you should avoid it because it reveals the skin underneath the lace. Also, avoid shirts that rather look like lingerie than everyday clothes. Your best choices are blouses that are made entirely out of lace or which have darker fabrics behind it. Also, you can opt for some darker lace dresses in blue, black and gray colors, but if you like skirts, you can easily pair a beige lace skirt with a flattering navy blue shirt.



Flared Skirts
These fun skirts are perfect for breaking the monotony of the business attire, but you have to be very careful. You can look absolutely sexy in them, but you have to watch the hem length. Don’t opt for too playful flared skirts since they can be revealing. Stick to the knee length and the playful materials that will hug your hips and create a subtle silhouette. You can easily pair them with simple blouses and turtlenecks and rule the office with positive sexy energy.
As you can see, formality and sexiness go hand in hand. Simple clothes and neutral gentle colors can elevate your look while providing a sleek elegant silhouette.

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