Ck Suave Pays Tribute to Nipsey Hussle in Cincinnati Oh at Sweet Sistah Splash Black History Poetry Cafe 2020 created by Nzyngha Byrd!!!

Watch Ck Suave Hussle & Motivate as he involves the crowd into this amazing tribute to Nipsey Hussle’s Legacy. When watching the video, off to the left of the screen you can see a very brave young man holding up a picture of the slain Rapper/Entrepreneur whose father is also a well known poet in Cincinnati Ohio. We had a minute to speak with Ck Suave briefly after receiving news of his footage. “I wanted to bring light to Nipsey’s legacy and show how it changed my life for the better” Ck Suave told our reporters, “I started my own clothing line called Cotton Kandy Clothing in 2017 and learned about Nipsey Hussle when he was selling mixtapes for $100! This was crazy to me because I had never heard of a mixtape costing so much. It taught me to set high standards for the value of my creations as we all should. Since than I’ve created High top and low top sneakers, sunglasses, and a rose gold Cotton Kandy watch. Ck Suave’s Cotton Kandy Clothing business has been on the rise ever since he released his first Cotton Kandy Sneaker in 2017. We had the pleasure of asking Ck Suave what was next for him and he had this to say “I’m looking to expand my brand and inspire fearless creativity around the world! We have been working very closely with models that fit the concept of our clothing. I love the example that Nipsey left behind for us. He is a true leader and one that I strive to be like in the future. The biggest thing I learned from his legacy is the Hustlers Mentality. In spirit of this Hustlers Mentality I have created a new Cotton Kandy lowtop Sneaker priced at $100 dropping on 3/21/20 at The Mockbee 2260 Central Parkway
Doors open at 9pm and admission is $5. This is something HUGE for our city and my main focus is to inspire creativity in the minds of my people. And it also me and my business partners birthday celebration.”

Well it seems the sky is NOT the limit for Ck Suave as he has no problems reaching beyond the clouds to pay tribute to the Legendary Legacy that is Nipsey Hussle
Shoe Release This March 21st in Cincinnati Ohio

You can Follow Ck Suave on all social media sites as “Ck Suave” and Dm him directly for prices on Cotton Kandy Clothing
For booking contact Ck Suave’s manager by phone (513)903-9596
Or email him directly at

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