Why am I seeing CBD everywhere? Everywhere you turn your head someone else is selling CBD oil and they are claiming they have the best quality, right?  Let’s clear some things up!

Since Obama legalized industrial hemp in 2014, everyone and their brother is trying to get in on the monstrosity of the impact that CBD brings. Now wait, just because everyone is selling It, doesn’t mean it’s all being created equally. In fact, most companies are willing to toss anything in a bottle and call it CBD. As a certified holistic practitioner, I did my due diligences before becoming a mouth piece about CBD oil. I spent 1.5 years studying and researching everything I could.

Lets get the facts straight, CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, it’s NOT Marijuana. It contains no THC and therefore you can’t and won’t get high, sorry stick to your weed and the bong if your looking to get high! The benefits of CBD are kind of endless, but here are the top 10 uses.

  1. Pain/ Inflammation
  2. Anxiety
  3. Depression
  4. Sleep
  5. Hormone imbalances
  6. Tremors
  7. Diabetes
  8. Autoimmune Disease
  9. Cardiovascular health
  10. Bone growth

Buyer beware, CBD oil is not all created equally! The majority of CBD products are Isolates meaning only the stalks and stems are used and only one beneficial cannabinoid is present. You can tell when a bottle is labeled 99.9 % CBD. This is cheaper for companies to produce and they can still charge big $$. Next, when looking at the carrier oil, something like glycerin or vegetable oil, along with any other ingredients should be an immediate red flag. The best carrier oil would be a hempseed carrier oil, this makes sense as CBD is derived from hemp and when all the plant matter is together it works better synergistically. You want a full spectrum oil, this means it contains all the beneficial cannabinoids over 100+ and uses the entire plant including the stalks, stems, leaves, and flower!  You also want a product that’s organically and domestically gown in the USA and bottled in an FDA regulated facility. C02 Supercritical is the most effective and cleanest form of extraction (this is the most expensive method and requires skilled workers and machinery). A company should be able to provide third-party lab and test results. If you want results, you must obtain a quality product.  I have hundreds of clients reaping the benefits of this beautiful oil and the testimonies are simply overwhelming. CBD oil works naturally with the bodies Endocannabinoid system, your body is thirsty for it and anything with a backbone will and can benefit from it! Its safe and effective for all ages and it’s impossible to overdose on it. The best method for taking CBD is sublingually, you want to hold it under the tongue for 30-60 seconds and then swallow.

So if you are in the market for CBD, which every living creature should be using, I encourage you to use CBD BIOCARE AND BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR Choice! www.cbdbiocare.com/thhg and use discount code THHG

To learn even more https://www.theholistichealthgenius.com/opt-in


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