Buy trendy fashion products at Alyssa & Kate and support gender equality cause

Buy trendy fashion products at Alyssa & Kate and support gender equality cause

As a woman, you appreciate that you are now able to enjoy some of the freedom and liberties that your sisters have previously fought for. Women’s rights and gender equality activists have tried to bring down the barriers and boxes that societies, traditions, states and cultures have imposed on your gender. But this war for equal rights is still not over. There are still organizations and individuals who are fighting for gender equality and we need to support them. Alyssa & Kate are among those who strives to allow women fashionable apparel at an affordable price while supporting gender equality.

I was so much impressed by their products and their cause. That’s what inspired me to share and recommend them here on my blog. So how to support them ? They donate 20% of all sales to foundations supporting feminism. So buying fashion products from them will not only support the good cause but you will also be enjoy these beautiful high quality apparels, handbags and backpacks they are selling.

Alyssa and KateYes the deal is not bad at all. Their products are trendy and stylish. They got versatility in each product they offer. In apparels they got shirts, long dresses, sweaters, casual dresses, long sleeve blouse and some stylish dresses for summer. For quality of fabric to designing and styles everything is perfect about their apparels. And the prices are reasonable as well. So in actual you will not feel like paying extra for a cause. You are just paying simple amount for the product you are buying. They are paying 20% of what they are getting to the cause.

In case you have already bought apparels for the season you can checkout their handbags and backpacks collection. Their is so much variety in designs, material used and colors. You will definitely find one of your choice there. By the way they are offering Free Shipping as well. So what are you waiting for ? Your one purchase will not only help the women fighting for their rights but it will also add a stylish fashion product into your collection. Checkout the complete range of products offered by Alyssa and Kate



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