BistroMD Coupons: A Customizable Weight loss Diet Program

BistroMD Coupons: A Customizable Weight loss Diet Program

An integral part of a weight loss program, or any physical fitness program for that matter, is the diet plan that corresponds with the specific goals that the fitness program is primarily designed for. Most, if not all weight loss programs are customized based on the participant’s capabilities and dietary needs.

Fitness experts and dieticians often work together to help determine a participant’s dietary needs when undergoing a weight loss program. These dietary needs, which are designed and fitted into a diet meal plan are based on scientific methods that help the body lose fat while keeping in shape. In most cases, keeping abreast with the dietary meal plan recommended for a weight loss program becomes a challenge, which gave rise to various food service companies that are equipped to provide well balanced and healthy meals designed to cater to specific dietary needs for weight loss.

One company that specializes in weight loss food service is BistroMD. BistroMD views food as medicine that can help correct metabolism, help the body lose weight, while allowing one to enjoy delicious and nutritional meals. The company boasts of over 200 variants of entrees all designed to fit any weight loss program. Service package options include full week programs, work week programs, and customizable programs. The latter, allows to choose from menu options offered to create a custom meal plan. All service packages can be purchased online and delivered straight to the customers’ address.

Iron Spiced Pork – A BistroMD gourmet dish

BistroMD Coupons

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4 Steps to Start Enjoying BistroMD Weight loss Meals


Step 1

Choose from any of the three main service packages offered with specifics as follows:

Full Week Program – consists of seven breakfast meals, seven lunch meals, and six dinner meals.

Work Week Program – consists of five breakfast meals, five lunch meals, and five dinner meals.

Your Program, Your Way – allows customers to create a custom weight loss meal program by choosing from any of the lunch and dinner menu offerings.

Snacks can also be ordered and added to any of the three main service packages with an additional cost.


Step 2

Once decided on which service package and add-ons to avail, a customer can conveniently place an order online. This step also enrolls customer in the company’s auto-delivery system which keeps track weekly orders. Orders can also be changed upon request.


Step 3

A member’s only interface can then be accessible to customers to enable weight loss program customization. The interface also allows customers to seek recommendations from BistroMD’s registered dieticians.


Step 4

Orders placed are delivered weekly.

There are plenty of advantages that BistroMD offers to its customers, aside from the convenience of ordering online to enjoy delicious weight loss meals designed and prepared by dieticians, this food service company also offers various solutions to help weight loss program participants and weight watchers keep track of their progress. Other member features include one-on-one support accessible via email, voice calls, or online chat. The site also offers weekly weight loss tips and Q&A with the company’s registered dieticians. It should be noted though that orders placed are to be charged and delivered weekly unless customer requests for it to be changed, customized, or cancelled.


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