‘Behind The Blinds’ With Charles Ancelle

‘Behind The Blinds’ With Charles Ancelle

The web series Behind The Blinds is one of the most creative and entertaining shows on the Internet that we’ve seen in a long time. The French producer Charles Ancelle, who is currently residing in Los Angeles, created the show along with his producing partner Anna Skrypka and Adrian Morales Ramos. The series was also written by Charles Ancelle and Cory Mimms and it was produced by Charles Ancelle and Anna Skrypka.

Behind The Blinds is about two Eastern European mobsters who want to launder their ill-gotten gains by producing an independent movie. This brilliant series follows Ryan (Dylan Stretchbery), a young struggling screenwriter full of dreams and hopes of having an illustrious career, and the story of Anton Black (Igor Komar) and Sergey Bogdanov (Oded Kassirer), two cynical and caustic Eastern European mobsters, who decide to make an indie film to funnel large amounts of illegal revenue they are planning to receive shortly.

Anton and Sergey have no experience making films, but they do have experience when it comes to managing people, that is, getting people to do what they want them to do although they use rather unorthodox and crude methods. However, most of their hard edges disappear when it comes to the magical world of filmmaking. The two gangsters discover a passion for it unlike anything they would have imagined, and soon the project becomes more meaningful to them than their primary business. Anton and Sergey get very involved, perhaps too involved, in the process, and begin to micro manage Ryan, whom they hire after interviewing him in the middle of an empty parking lot late at night.

There are too many truly clever and comical scenes to give them all away in this small space but we do want to commend Charles Ancelle and his production and creative team for showing us that web series can be extremely innovative and entertaining.


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