Beauty YouTubers you can rely on for makeup tips & Cosmetics

Beauty YouTubers you can rely on for makeup tips & Cosmetics

YouTube has become one of the main platform for beauty experts to share their experiences and knowledge with the viewers. Particularly there are some famous Korean YouTubers  with large following.

Pony (Hyemin park) is one of the most followed YouTuber. To most fans of Korean beauty, makeup, and fashion, we know her as Pony. Born Park Hye Min, Pony has carved out success for herself with her almost encyclopaedic knowledge of makeup and beauty products. Did you know that she calls herself a makeup ‘otaku’?

It’s easy to see why Pony has garnered so many fans. With her youthful good looks, bright personality, a quick sense of humour, and an innate sense of style, Pony is an inspiration for many women. Prior to her YouTube career, Pony was an ‘ulzzang’ who often modelled for Korean e-commerce stores (‘online shopping malls’), showing off cute clothes, contact lenses, and even wigs!

Meejung (Jeniffer Kim) another top YouTuber people rely for makeup and beauty tips. Meejmuse is an Australian-born Korean. She used to stay in Sydney, Australia with her husband, William, before moving back to South Korea recently. Besides working as a YouTuber, she is now also a live TV reporter for Arirang‘s Korea Today, for a segment called K-Style. If you prefer Korean cosmetic products, you should definitely check her out, as she does a number of videos on Korean make-up.

Sydney To You yet another expert vlogger on youtube. If you’re just dipping your toes into the waters of Korean beauty vloggers, Sydney and her channel Sydney To You are a great place to start testing the waters. In addition to creating easy-to-follow tutorials of everyday makeup looks, Sydney posts lots of favorites and haul videos, which give you a sense of what products are popular in Korea these days.

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