Asian Based Colored Contact Lens Retailer Is Expanding to the Middle East Market

Consumers now have more choice and free express shipping

Malaysia: , authorized distributors of Geo Medical Lens, is proud to announce they’re expanding to the Middle East market by offering free shipping to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman above certain amount of purchase.

Asian color lens brand is now getting very popular in Middle East market. Colored contacts are widely recommended by top Asian beauty YouTubers like Michele Phan, Pony, etc and commonly worn by female celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, Beyonce , Kpop singers and actresses. Asian colored contact brands have more choices compared to existing western color lens brands. is excited to bring the product to the Middle East market by offering free express shipping. By having this offer, customers from Middle East can now get the product within 2-4 working days. The contact lenses available on the site are of high quality made by leading South Korea manufacturers. offers customers to shop for color contact lens by brand, type, and color, depending on what they desire. The website deliver order to Middle East countries by local courier company Aramex, and offer $10 store credit for first time purchase. has been selling to worldwide customers since 2009 and now they are seeing increasing demand in Middle East color lens market.

To order for a quality lens, please visit the website at

“Geo Medical Lens is offering our customers in the Middle East the opportunity to take advantage of our vast collection of items. With us, they have more choice to select from in terms of brand, style, and color. Our colored contacts come from brands who are trusted all over the world for quality products that add value to the customer,” said Florence, a representative of offer customers in the Middle East opportunity to choose contact lens from more than twelve brands. The online store also have options for customers to define their search based on criteria like prescription, diameter, type, and price. Customers can shop by type including colorful, natural lens, enlarging, disposable, bifocal, and vibrant, etc. Colored contact options are also available like aqua, blue, green, grey, hazel, violet, white, yellow, etc. Other shopping options available in store are top sellers, no doctor prescription needed, monthly, weekly, and daily contact lens options. Research shows that more Middle East woman are now getting interested in Asian colored contact lenses. Famous Asian YouTubers in their beauty makeup channel, now recommend the products wearing color lens.

“These are the most comfortable contact lens I have ever used! Throughout the day it’s like I can’t even feel them. They give me such a natural look as well. They’re not too out there and very comfortable all the time” said Eunice T, a customer.

About is an online store offering customers a wide range of contact lens options. They sell high-quality contact lenses that enhance beauty, improve self-esteem, and very functional for work, play, and daily activities. For more information, please contact +603-6412 8515,, or visit


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