Arma 3 Game Review

Arma 3 Game Review



Arma 3, developed by Bohemia Interactive is a 3D military tactical shooter video game that has received some rave reviews. It is the latest in its military simulation series of games, which features an action packed air, sea and ground combat, with a wide range of the most advanced equipment, cutting–edge weapons, and vehicles that help you get into a stronger position on the battlefield. Both the visuals and features of Arma 3 have been redesigned and improved, resulting in a far more entertaining and remarkable game than its previous entries in the series. Set across an enormous open -world terrain, mimicking real-world Mediterranean islands, Arma 3 is primarily a massive military simulation sandbox that offers you a stunning gaming experience.

Arma 3 takes place in the Aegean islands of Stratis and Altis of Greece, where the Altis  spans over a massive 270 km² area. Players have the option to navigate underwater by diving in wet suits or with the help of submersible vehicles. It offers a plethora of weapons and vehicles including machine guns, sniper rifles, tanks and  airplanes. Such an enormous list of armory can be difficult for the players to comprehend at first, but as the game proceeds, they will easily get used to it. The setting for the game is designed to be  in the mid 2030s, with NATO forces engaged in a conventional war against the Eastern armies, introduced as CSAT (Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty) led by Iran with a coalition of other Middle Eastern and Asian nations. The T-shirt for this game can be purchased from Sunfrog.

The story campaign of Arma 3 can be split into three chapters – Survive, Adapt and Win. In the single player campaign, the player must survive alone after his partners have been defeated in a failed NATO mission. The player has to face many missions in the campaign, ranging from solitary infiltration missions to big scale armored missions. Depending on how they wish to play, the players can choose different targets and weapons such as Unmanned Ariel Vehicles and artillery. In the multiplayer campaign, you can join squads and engage in tactical combat in player-created scenarios or classic Seize and Defend mode.

In addition to improving the existing gameplay elements, Arma 3 is being constantly updated with the introduction of new features, content, and weapons. While most of these upgrades can be obtained free of cost, others may have to be purchased. Players can download three  content episodes that they can play after completing the three chapters. There is also a new game mode called Zeus, where the players can gain God-like powers and control situations in the multiplayer mode.

Arma 3 is a tactical and realistic game that has won the hearts of millions of gamers. It is a combat simulator that enables you to have fun in the expansive battlefields using its vast array of meticulously designed military equipment and vehicles. The  game strives to make this military simulator series a more user-friendly, more engaging and more complete experience. The graphics as well as the soundtrack of the game are absolutely impressive. As a player, you need to have great patience and  the willingness to put in the effort to derive the ultimate gaming experience from it. This game can be purchased from G2A, For discount codes check out Coupon Goo.

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