Are You A Celebs Gossips & News Fan ?

Are You A Celebs Gossips & News Fan ?

Majority of us like gossips, chitchat and hot news. Particularly if these are about celebs, we love to read and share and discuss with our friends. From celebrities leaked videos to their love affairs and scandals, fans are interested in all kinds of gossips and news. As celebrities are the heart beat and role models of millions of fans so the fans got the right to follow them and to keep an eye on their activities and lifestyle.

Their are so many celebs news and gossips sites. Even some of the top websites have dedicated sections for celebs news and gossips. But if a site is fully dedicated to gossips, its surely a plus. I came across such a site recently named  ‘Celeb Gossip News’. If you are a celeb gossips fan then you will definitely like this site. got all what you would be looking for latest news and gossip on celebrities, sports,fashion, beauty and health. Means no need to search for the stuff on google or in between the website content. The complete site got the stuff you would be looking for. Site is a bit new but still it has tried to cover so many celebs and topics.


The best thing about this site is its user friendly theme. Its easy to find what you are looking for. And each section is regularly updated with current and interesting posts. After going through the site we haven’t seen anything over scandalous or disinformation. Means site can be trusted for authenticity as well.

There are few minor improvements, if done can improve the user experience for the readers more interesting and better. The opened posts should be given more percentage of width on the site. The other column on the right sometimes distracts the readers. And apart from that if they can add more news and gossips in video formats as well it will be more interesting for readers. But beside that celebgossipnews got the potential to become more successful news and gossips blog. Keep it up the good work !


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