An interview with hip hop band DV8

An interview with hip hop band DV8

We are sharing our recent interview with DV8, a hip hop/experimental group from Hillside NJ.

First of all introduce yourself to our readers?

DV8, [de-vi-ate] a hip-hop/experimental group from Hillside NJ consisting of 3 guys, Zoned, a producer/rapper; L!ve, a rapper; and Kyun a singer.
What’s going on, I’m L!ve (23). I have been rapping for 7 years and my style consist of multiple blends of music whether it is Jazz, R&B, Pop etc… I have an aggressive tone that mixes wordplay and punchlines to curate an in your face atmosphere. I also like to throw a bit of Spanish into my verses to represent my Puerto Rican background. I’m heavily influenced by artist Big Pun, Ace Hood, Lil Wayne, Johnny Cash, David Bowie and Big KRIT. I am also in the process of creating my own merchandise line called Pharaon. The brand Pharaon is meant to empower people. It is meant to be a realization of your potential and worth.

Hey, what’s going on I’m Zoned (21) I’ve been producing/rapping for about 6 years, started with producing first and naturally had a knack for rapping as well. Grabbing influences from Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Neptunes, Timbo, etc. as far as producing goes. Rapping wise I’m in tune with what’s going on now and the hip-hop greats of our past. I get influenced and inspired by many artists and understand the cohesiveness that can exist with “rap” and “mumble rap”. I look to bridge the gap between consciousness and fun to create a new wave and push culture.

Hello, my name is Kyun (22) and I am an R&B artist and songwriter with a background in singing that started as early as childhood. I soon discovered this true passion and ability at the age of 12 with musical influences by that of Chris Brown, Neyo and many other artists young and old. I’ve been a performer since the age of 14 covering classics from the 50s genre with my family band, as I grew to true artistry and identity. I share a love for anime in which I even use certain themes as well as past experiences to create new music for listeners.

Picture Order (Left to Right) KYUN | L!VE | ZONED

Who or what inspired you to launch the band ‘DV8″?
DV8 was created after a breakup in a previous group which was formally called V.E.R.S.E. DV8 ideally stands for breaking away from norms in the industry, creating fresh & new vibes for people to consume and enjoy, and a way to push the culture and influence the generation after us.

Our readers would like to know about your band members and their roles in the band?
Zoned is responsible for the production which is all in-house (100% organic). Kyun provides the smooth melodies with infectious hooks. Live delivers a lyrical onslaught as well as innovative flows to keep listeners entertained. Not only are we artist we also move as business partners since we share an LLC under our names.

Tell us about your recent release ‘IF NOT US THEN WHO?’?
After the launch of our new business we decided to make a statement in dropping a 7 track EP for the fans who have stuck with us through our journey. We curated over 14 tracks but decided to minimize the track list so that the project can be easily digested. The production is all handled by Zoned and the hooks and choruses were written in camp. This project marks the beginning of a much longer journey of changing the landscape of hip-hop in the north. We would like to thank Nelson @jr_pixels and our engineer Neil for their input in the project as a well.

What kind of response you have received from the release so far?
We’ve been receiving positive reviews with one of the biggest pluses being our audio quality. We put hours into this project to craft the best sound sonically for our consumers. The feedback is what feeds our innovation and we try our best to pay attention to detail.

What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?
I’d say it’s a blend of both. Recording the records in the studio is the prep for displaying it to the masses so when the process is executed correctly the results are infinite.

What’s your favorite music genre?
As a collective, our favorite music genre has to be Hip Hop not because we’re involved in creating it but the fact that it’s so influential in pop culture today. Urban music has the spotlight now and DV8 is happy to be in the generation where the culture can be pushed even further.

Have you set some target to achieve as a music band?
We set out to create a new wave of music in the north. We dictate our music to be different sonically and that’s how we continue to move no matter what the climate of hip-hop is. Recognition is what we ultimately want to achieve because there’s no doubt the work is there.

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