An Exclusive Interview with Artist & Composer Fuller French

An Exclusive Interview with Artist & Composer Fuller French

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Some say chivalry is dead, but they haven’t met Fuller French. This Texas born and bred singer, songwriter and pianist is known for swooning audiences with romantic lyrics and his debonair demeanor.

French’s latest album, Champagne Rendezvous, recorded at Capitol Records in Los Angeles hit the Media base AC chart with singles ‘ChampagneR endezvous’ climbing to number 29 and most recently, ‘I’ll Leave a Key by the Door’ at number 36.

And here we are, sharing our recent interview with French.

Question : How would you describe Fuller French in one line?
Fuller French : A man on a mission.

Question : Tell us about your recently released album, Champagne Rendezvous?
Fuller French : As with each album I’ve put out, there is some older reworked material mixed with some brand new tracks. Champagne Rendezvous is the newest song that I’ve recorded and came out of a fantasy I had of being in the most romantic place in the world with the most romantic girl in the world. Of course there’s lots of champagne, sunshine, water, palm trees, a far-away location, yachts, jewels … really everything two young lovers need to ignite the spark.

Question : You must be very happy with the kind of response it has received so far?
Fuller French : Absolutely! Of course, when I was younger I KNEW that I would have songs at the top of the charts but then reality set in. For a long time I couldn’t get anyone in the industry to even listen to my music much less distribute it. Having the original ‘Champagne Rendezvous’ get into the top 40 of the Adult Contemporary genre was a badge of honor for me and I am thrilled to have finally made it.

Question : What’s your favorite track from this album?
Fuller French : The title track, Champagne Rendezvous, is definitely my favorite. It is completely dreamlike and transports me in a way that no other song does. That is the kind of song that I am writing these days and is similar in a way to the newest song that I wrote for my first album, Something Wonderful — although that title track is an instrumental, it has the same dreamlike quality for me. ‘Different Shores’ is another favorite for me on this album.

Question : So how was the experience of working with MkSmth?
Fuller French : Fantastic. MKSmth is a consummate professional. Even though this song is in a genre into which he seldom if ever delves, he created an EDM masterpiece from the “summer classic”. Also, as a real student of music, Mike listened to the track dozens of times to truly understand what it was all about musically and built what has become a nightclub/dance favorite. Likewise, I knew very little about his genre but have become a massive fan — I LOVE the energy and the feeling that comes with EDM and thanks to having an open mind I’ve cultivated a respect for what EDM is all about. I was honored to have him involved and am very happy with the outcome.

Question : How would you describe the music that you typically create? What makes this album unique?
Fuller French : There have been two albums so far: The first is instrumental and in the Smooth Jazz category. The second is comprised of love songs that are in the Adult-Contemporary field. The third one — which I am working on now — will be filled with piano-based songs in more of an early Elton John style. The albums after that are going to be a complete shock for the listening audience and will be filled with songs that I guarantee are different than anything anyone has ever heard. But, the thread that runs through all of these current albums and songs is Romance — these songs are romantic, about love, and are hopefully wrapped in beautiful music that resonate with people — romantic, but there’s always an element of FUN.

Question : How would you rate yourself? The best singer, songwriter or pianist?
Fuller French : I love to tell romantic stories, and it comes easy to me in songwriting. That is definitely my forte.

Question : How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?
Fuller French : It has definitely taken the power away from the major companies and allowed people like me to have access to more markets — every market, in fact. My music plays all over the world and that never happened when I was waiting for a major label to put it out.

Question : If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
Fuller French : More money for songwriters. Period.

Question : What’s the best way to follow you online?
Fuller French : Check out my Instagram @fullerfrench – and of course stream any of my music on Spotify, itunes, or Tidal.

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