An Exclusive Interview with A Top-Notch Real Estate Agent JP Moridi

An Exclusive Interview with A Top-Notch Real Estate Agent JP Moridi

We recently had an interview with JP Moridi, a real estate agent in Silicon Valley. He has one of the top real estate teams in the country. He is also a loving father of two beautiful kids named Nicholas and Violet Moridi.

JP Moridi interview

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into real estate industry?
JP Moridi : What inspired me was my father who came from Iran with nothing in the early 80’s and is now one of the most respectable and well know agents in the country. his hard work and work ethic really showed me anything was possible as long as you apply yourself and have a burning desire to succeed.

Pro Media Mag : What is your role as Official Member of the Forbes Council ?
JP Moridi : I am apart of a great group where we continue to grow and share knowledge with us. I have contributed to several different articles for FORBES and they publish my info to help others.

Pro Media Mag : What are the main services you are providing to your clients?
JP Moridi : Any Real estate transaction worldwide.

Pro Media Mag : You work with celebrity and athletes, so working with them is a bit different?
JP Moridi : It is very different as they have different needs. being able to understand the whole scenario makes a big difference. A lot of times buying isn’t best for the,, I’m able to analyze their contract and help them make the best decision.

Pro Media Mag : What do you in your off days or free time?
JP Moridi : I long traveling the world and most of all spending time with my two kids Nicholas and Violet.

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve?
JP Moridi : My 2020 Goal is to be able to do 250,000,000 dollars in Real Estate sales and assist over 150 Families achieve their real estate goals.

Pro Media Mag : How can someone contact you to avail your services?
JP Moridi : Cell is 408 409 3249 email is and Instagram is officialjpmoridi

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