Amanda Slade with her interesting and inspiring lifestyle blog

Being a professional blogger myself I always encourage other bloggers who are doing genuine blogging work. An in case the blogger has unique style of writing and expressing and sharing things with readers that’s the big plus. Amanda Slade is one of those blogger who really impressed me with her unique writing style, nice and genuine topics, style of narration and so on. She uses her blog to share about craft, hairstyles, food and lifestyle.

Her husband Mason who is also her ‘best friend’ is also a part of most of her blog posts. As most of the posts are based on her daily experiences and definitely her daily lifestyle is incomplete without her husband so he is present most of the time. And his presence in the topic actually adds more color to the topic.

Although I read most of her posts but here to give you a more clear idea about her creativity and work I would talk about her latest post about Austin to do List: SoCo Edition. As she had recently visited Austin to meet Mason’s family she also got a chance to visit the South Congress Street for shopping. So the way she goes step by step into the shopping experience and reviewing the stores and their products is impressive. She didn’t let her visitors get bored and also added the pictures she had taken in front of some interesting painted walls and other spots in the area.

That’s just one blog post, her blog contains many other such posts and I am sure you will love her writing style and content of the blog will surely interest you.


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