Adorable and stylish Aurora Lux Jewellery

Adorable and stylish Aurora Lux Jewellery

I was searching for something different and attractive in jewellery and by luck I came across an amazing jewellery store named “Aurora Lux Jewellery “. They got adorable jewellery collection in attractive styles and designs. They got variety of collection in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and hair accessories. Quality is exceptional, yet the prices are reasonable.

Aurora Lux Jewellery is amazing there is not doubt about that. So out of curiosity I searched for the brand owner and how this brand came into being. Here is what I got.

“The brand is the creation of Cheryl Kernahan. From a young age, Cheryl Kernahan has always had a passion for creating with her own two hands. It was when she decided to pursue her vision and learn as much as possible about jewelry design. Leaving her career in graphic design behind, a brand new adventure into the jewelry world began. Through each technique, she quickly fell in love with the unbound opportunities to create art from a variety of materials. From wire, metal shapes, chains and gemstones, Aurora Lux was born out of the desire to adorn individuals with pieces that inspire and piques their curiosity.

Through an amalgamation of contemporary style and sleek minimalism, Aurora Lux embodies a sense of finesse and versatility, drawing inspiration from nature, geometry, and every day objects.

Her individual style and self-taught techniques create truly innovative & unique collections. Working primarily in mixed metals, semi-precious stones, vintage elements & hand-forged copper and brass pieces, each piece is constructed by hand to ensure meticulous attention to detail, quality, and functionality. Her aim is to create jewelry that encourages strength, confidence and a sense of adventure in its wearer.

The entire process, from the initial concept to the finished product, takes place in Cheryl’s rural Alberta, Canada studio.”

I am surely impressed. What about you? Have a look and you will feel the same charm.

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