A Models Guide to Thrifty Buying

A Models Guide to Thrifty Buying

We know everyone has experienced shopping resales in their life. Not because it is ethical, but because it was affordable. But we also love a bit of a chase and there’s something so satisfying about the thrill of the hunt. That search for that perfect gem, hidden among racks and racks of clothes. Now that I’ve committed to shopping ethically, resale stores – whether they are discount thrift stores or retro vintage shops – have become a staple in my shopping rotation. And since not everyone out there is a veteran dress hunter, we are sharing a few of my tips for a successful thrifting outing:

Stick to a color scheme. Often thrift store items are color coordinated. If you don’t have time to sift through every single item, think about the colors you wear most and stick to those. Chose a colour that suits and complements you.

Allow for size differences. Vintage clothing sizes are drastically different than modern sizes. Recently I found a white silk midi skirt that was labeled 3 sizes up from my usual size. When I tried it on, the fit was perfect. Sizing varies so much depending on the decade or the brand, it never hurts to try on an item with potential. Plus, if you find a great quality item, it’s worth having it altered for a better fit.

Just because it’s affordable, doesn’t mean you need it. It’s easy to get caught up in the great prices and overdo it. Keep your lifestyle and personal style in mind. Remember, quality over quantity. A helpful tip is to ask yourself, “If it was full price, would I still buy it?” If the answer is “no,” you are probably buying it because of the low price, not because you need (or want) it.

Be open. You have your list of items you are looking for, but don’t be afraid to stray for some truly special pieces. With a little digging, you can find some unique finds that may not be on your list, but are too amazing to pass up. Just make sure they are items you will wear in your real life. You may find a beautiful pair of vintage stilettos, but if you never actually wear heels, they will just sit in your closet and take up space. When making any purchase, it’s important to be realistic about your lifestyle. Honesty is one of the biggest turn-ons to a modelling agency.

Keep a list. It’s helpful to have a list of pieces you are looking for to keep you on track and keep you from ending up with an overflowing closet of items that don’t suit you. I keep a list of items I need hanging inside my closet. Whenever I am out shopping, I take the list so that I know what pieces to look for and can distinguish between what I need and those tempting impulse buys.

Use the internet. There are tons of online resources available that allow you to shop from the comfort of your pajamas. This is especially helpful when searching for something specific (like an evening gown). You can filter through the inventory by size, color, price, etc. For more thrifty tips visit our modelling agency here.

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