A Conversation with Children’s Book Author, Karen Ann Smythe

A Conversation with Children’s Book Author, Karen Ann Smythe

We are sharing our recent interview with children’s book author: Karen Ann Smythe. She has recently released her new book: Amazing Adventures of Frederick the Butterfly Plus Karen and Malibu Kool Kat.

Pro Media Mag : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?
Karen Ann Smythe : Started writing my 1st book FREDRICK THE BUTTERFLY to Share ..FREDRICK THE BUTTERFLY .. is UP + SOURING! ”
because of the Exciting event that happened when my family saved a Butterfly’s Life and how he thanked us! Fredrick lived with us for 3 days! Think it is important to share this True Story! Knowing that an Ant has a Life, a Family + friends Plus feelings + thoughts..!!! ” If you see a Turtle stuck on her back, Help her to Roll Over”… Whales are the same! All of The Beautiful Creations that are here for us to ENJOY ..Enjoy your life!

Pro Media Mag : How and when you first get into writing?
Karen Ann Smythe : Started Writing because wanted to Share life long intelligence about It is Fun to help people, ” You Can give yourself a Hug” The Ocean is Alive..We are Alive + that is Great!!

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your recent book Amazing Adventures of Frederick the Butterfly?
Karen Ann Smythe : Has been mentioned to me to write my True Life Stories … More of a Teenager Book..Thought it would be Fun to write some of them with Fredrick The Butterfly + my Real Life Cat -MALIBU KOOL KAT (who I rescued + walk him on a leash + take him to the book store where children can pet him + we read books..(I got Malibu Kool Kat a certified Therapy cat certificate) AMAZING ADVENTURES OF FREDRICK THE BUTTERFLY & MALIBU KOOL KAT has lots of my True Life experiences with Diplomats, Senators, Celebrities whom I met or worked with…Scary Part was when in my 20’s ended up in the Gorilla War with machine guns pointed at me in the jungle… ALSO..I took Peace Flags on a string that children made from a local Malibu school..throughout Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok.(It was the King’s Birthday that day! He was born on Monday so you dress in yellow..if you were born on Tue , you dress in Pink, etc) , Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Brunei, Bali..Even though we did not speak the same language ..I put the Peace sign up + the Love..AMAZING How People Love, Love + Peace + Unity…Wrapping the flags all around themselves..felt so Incredible to Bond with people on that level “Over There”…I was the First Girl Born in my Family in 102 years….

Karen Ann Smythe interview

Pro Media Mag : What was the inspiration behind writing this book?
Karen Ann Smythe : Inspiration is to Share The Good Events + Good News that goes on in this World..Great things Happen..Realizations.!.. “We are All Floating up in the Sky + Twirling on this big round thing..”Earth”.. We are all in the same Situation… ENJOY !

Pro Media Mag : It seems you love writing children’s books?
Karen Ann Smythe : Lots of Inspirations about Writing my 2 Books!! To Connect ..Give Love , Receive Love..Help someone Everyday..Smile, help an elderly Lady across the street..Get People Laffing..”The Bright Side”…
Love Writing my Books..Did not like to Write before..Something happened because my 1st Book Came Bursting out for People!
Love Writing my Books..Quite a Process ..Lot of Fun..Lot of Work ..My Best hours of Writing seem to be 2-3 in the Morning..My ideas come all the time..It is Said “Everybody has a Book in Them”

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received from the release?
Karen Ann Smythe : My 1st Book Fredrick The Butterfly has been + continues to be Incredibly Well-Received..I have E mails from Parents that since their children received the book..The children want their Parents to Read it Every night…ONE LITTLE GIRL HUGS + SLEEPS WITH FREDRICK EVERY NIGHT!..That makes me feel great..Because of the Uplifting / important Messages…Did not write the books for the $$$….Written for Happiness! The pictures are also Loved.. My 2nd Book AMAZING ADVENTURES OF FREDRICK THE BUTTERFLY PLUS KAREN & MALIBU KOOL KAT! …JUST RELEASED!..so Far..Receiving Incredible news..About it All!

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best way to buy this book?
Karen Ann Smythe : Best Way to buy the book is on Amazon! 7. Hope to do Another book..Just has to click!! FREDRICK THE BUTTERFLY IS UP + SOARING!!!! + So is Love + Caring + Kindness…! Get to know yourself!



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