A Handsome Model & Melodious Singer Gojko Impresses With ‘Luxury’

A Handsome Model & Melodious Singer Gojko Impresses With ‘Luxury’

Gojko is one of those artists who have been through hardships of life and the life played severe kind of games with them. Gojko grew up in Eastern Europe, in a small war torn town stricken by adverse poverty in south Serbia, So his early childhood was not good. Only good thing happened in those days to him was his love for dancing and singing. So he started performing with members of a young musical completion group.He tried very hard to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional musician but there were not enough opportunities in Serbia. So his passion for music brought him to USA.

Here in USA he started slowly with teaching kids how to dance and sing. But it proved to be good for him as at the advice of a counselor, he began perusing a career in entertainment, starting with modeling and then singing. Gojko’s first song, LUXURY, was done by Grammy nominated producer Rey Reel.


Luxury is a very melodious song. Lyrics were written by Krysta Youngs , a lady that has written for many big names in the music industry. Song is not over complex and simply done. Gojko has proved his vocal strength in this track. The music, lyrics and production everything has been done exceptionally well (Bert Elliot has handled The vocal production).  Overall its a fun listening to the music and I am sure you would love this track as well.

Gojko is one to watch! He is someone who survived wars, bombings, sanctions, devestating poverty, adversities, yet came to united states with one suitcase, and is now working with big names in the music industry, making amazing music. And we are sure you will be able to see him standing in the top of music industry in coming years.

For further information on the artist you can visit his website

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