Composer Yael Benamour Continues Her Music From France To Los Angeles

Composer Yael Benamour Continues Her Music From France To Los Angeles

Gaby Mour is a very special creature. She is a musician and singer who also just happens to be a composer and a producer. Although she is relatively new to Los Angeles, Gaby is not new to music. She grew up in the South of France playing classical piano and envisioned herself as a professional musician ever since then. She received her first piano diploma at 8 years of age and composed her first song at 12. She graduated from BMS music school in Paris with a degree in Orchestration and Harmonies. She has been a BMI member as a songwriter and composer since 2016 and has been a member of SACEM for several decades as an arranger, composer and songwriter. 

Gaby is also a singer and has collaborated with and sang duets with Johnny Halliday, the famous French icon, along with many others such as Patricia Kass, Julie Zenati and Nicole Croisille. She also worked as a music arranger, composer and producer with other talented celebrities such as, Mireille Mathieu, Sacha Pillois, Natasha St. Pierre and Marie-Paule Belle. Gaby worked with  Marie-Paule Belle from 1998 until 2007. Gaby produced the three albums released by Universal Music France and BMG France. She collaborated with  Marie-Paule Belle as arranger and artistic director. 

Yael was a featured singer on several albums released by Atlas Publishing/NMPP which received Diamond, Platinum, Double Platinum, Double Gold and Gold Disc awards. She also composed, wrote, arranged and produced a track “Pour que tu sois libre” released by EMI France in 2007. The piece was sung by a group of artists including established singers Julie Zenati, Angun and Natasha St. Pierre. Her collaboration with Mireille Mathieu was the song “Nah Bei Dir,” which Gaby wrote. That particular song became the title track of Mireille’s album released in 2009 by Sony Music. 

When Gaby moved to Los Angeles in 2011 she created a crowdfunding music platform that allows people to “invest” in a musician’s album and if the music succeeds the investors actually get paid royalties. A novel idea and a very successful one at that. Investors put their money where they feel the talent is and many times they get their money back plus some. Gaby was the CEO and Artistic Director of the company until the end of 2018, when she decided to focus on her own career.

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