6 Tips To Keep In Mind After Getting An Invisalign Treatment

6 Tips To Keep In Mind After Getting An Invisalign Treatment

If you wish to improve your smile and take proper care of your teeth but do not want to use any metal braces or such, then an invisalign treatment is the perfect choice for you. And in case you have undergone the treatment recently, or are planning to take it soon, then make sure to keep the below tips in mind.


Once you get invisalign, it is important that you regularly floss your teeth so as to keep the aligners and teeth clean. In fact, you must floss at least once every day. Ideally, first clean your teeth with a brush, and you can then move on to using a floss to take out the food scraps that get stuck in your teeth after meals. Now, remember to clean the aligners just like you would normally clean the teeth.


When you wear the invisalign, you might experience that the mouth is quickly becoming dehydrated. This can happen since the presence of invisalign can trigger excessive secretion of saliva.  And the only way to get around this will be to ensure that you take in as much fluids as possible.

Initial Two Days

After the treatment, you will have aligners placed in your teeth. Make sure that you keep wearing it for at least 48 hours continuously. Never remove it within this time period. The only possible situation where the aligners must be taken out is when you are cleaning your teeth. Except for this, you should wear the invisalign throughout the 48 hour period.

The 22 Hour Rule

If you wish to get the maximum benefit of Invisalign, one of the things you should do is to follow the 22-hour rule. So, what is the 22-hour rule? Simple. As the name suggests, you should wear the invisalign for at least 22 hours every day. This will ensure that you get the best possible results from the Invisalign treatment.

Talking Issues

During the initial few days of the treatment, you will feel as if you are speaking with a lisp. And this can turn out to be quite bothersome. However, instead of panicking, you should understand that this is quite a common after effect. The only thing you have to do is to learn talking with the tray. Many people make the mistake of taking with the tray out. Never do this.

Whitening Toothpaste

It has also been discovered that whitening toothpaste tends to be far more effective at creating perfect white teeth during the period of the invisalign treatment. And the reason this happens is truly interesting. Apparently, the fluoride and other ingredients of the toothpaste get stuck in the teeth, thanks to the aligners. And it is this factor that eventually tends to have a positive effect on teeth whitening.

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