5 Reasons That Will Make You Watch Westworld

5 Reasons That Will Make You Watch Westworld

With the coming season two of Westworld, there is an excitement among fans worldwide. This intriguing show had everything to offer its fans. In fact, many even compare it to the likes of Game of Thrones. In this post, you will learn why Westworld is a must-watch television series. If you have not yet heard about this series, then it is time that you finish the first season as soon as possible. The second season will start in 2018, which will give viewers several new thrilling and entertaining plot twists. That said, here is a list of reasons that prompt you to start watching this series if you already have not.

Indulgence in the adult theme park

It is intriguing to witness a concept of an adult theme park where you can become an avatar based on the characters in the West. This tech-based world promises to keep the audience thrilled at all times with its breathtaking shootouts, entertainment, adventure, and mystery. Above all, there is even a broader organization plotting to overthrow the community present in the theme park, which you will have to find out by watching the show.

A star-studded feast of mystery

Westworld shows the faces of some of the most famous and loved actors on the big and small screens. Actors like Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, and Rachel Wood have all been praised for their performances in other entertainment projects. Moreover, you will not be able to guess until the very last about the origin, behavior, and motive of each of the characters. That makes it even more fascinating to watch. Also, View Story about the latest updates on the disappearance of the Mayan civilization here.

Reminds of a video game

Anyone who loves video games will find Westworld theme park just like heaven on earth. Throughout the series, there are instances of dialects pointing to various terminology based on games. Such Easter eggs further encourage fans to watch the series. Also, it talks about multiple concepts that are usually found in video games, making the plot even more mesmerizing.

Beautiful music

Nowadays, many television series have composed beautiful soundtracks to keep audience attached to them. Westworld is no different as it has an enlightening theme supporting its top-notch cast and plot. Also, there are so many distinct riffs played through the episodes of season one, comprising of melodies from famous bands like The Rolling Stones, The Cure, Soundgarden, and Radiohead. These sounds can be heard in the saloon from the old piano robot. Writing a good song and creating sound track matching the lyrics is an art and music directors have done their part perfectly.

Sci-Fi theme

The audience that loves Sci-Fi movies and series are going to enjoy this show. With androids and robots scattered all over this theme park, you have little clue about who is real and who is not. The situation becomes even more chilling when you get to peel off the layers of the plot one after the other. In fact, there are still so many clues and twists that are yet to be discovered in this beautiful world.

Thus, Westworld is a series that is meant to be watched by all classes of audience. It promises one of the most intriguing stories that will urge you to watch till the end.

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